Sunday, February 15, 2009


I will start with Favorite Girl's update since it's the best news! She had another check up at the University on Tuesday 2/10 and she grew 1.45 inches and gained 1.54 lbs. Overall the doctor and dietitian are very pleased with her growth however they are not happy that we are hand feeding everything that goes in her mouth. There are still some behavior adaptations we need to encourage. We are going back in May and they said if she does well again we won't have to continue the visits. Aaron and I are very scared to quit feeding her since it has been what's worked but we know we need to make the changes and that she is prefectly capable of feeding herself. She does just fine at daycare so we realize it is us.
June 2008 she was 20 lbs 31.4 in
Sept 2008 she was 20.46 lbs and 32.09 in
Nov 2008 she was 21.56 lbs and 32.17 in
Feb 2009 she is 23.10 lbs and 33.62 in
Hooray I couldn't be happier with that news! On the same day Aaron was called back to work. He was called by name to be the foreman on the job so we have so much to be thankful for. He was 30 something on the list here with no job prospects in sight. And we all know how well I did at the single mom thing last summer.
January 30th my girlfriends came over and we watched the movie Fireproof. The movie itself was a tad bit corney with some low rate acting but the message itself was good. I think all married couples should watch it together. The movie seemed to follow the same storyline as the book Love and Respect which I am (slowly) reading so I'm thinking they have something figured out here about marriage. Of course we enjoyed some yummy snacks, wine and strawberry margaritas. A fun time was had by all.
On Saturday the 31st our Girl's Night Moms got together at my house and we had a shower for Carrie. We had baked potatoes and snacks, a yummy cake to celebrate Baby and lots of nice gifts. We also played the game Apples to Apples. And for the record, Mike I still think "Pulling Weeds" was quite fitting for the word "Sultry"!!
Februay started off extremely busy and it hasn't slowed down one bit! Monday the 2nd I had a recruitment fair in Ottumwa. After that I drove back to B-town to pick up some collegues and we were off to Davenport for three days for an OSHA conference. FUN TIMES! Okay so I throughly enjoyed shopping, all of the yummy food, starbucks and wine but my diet did not!
And by the way I love Biaggis! Anyway, work has been crazy busy but I still manage to squeeze in a workout each day which I am proud of. Since December, I have lost 5 lbs and 1% body fat. I am still hoping to loose 15lbs total but we'll see. I'm feeling a little stuck right now. I need to get back in my groove. I was doing so well waking up early going in before work and then Aaron got called back to work, HALLELUJAH!!! But it is really cutting into my morning routine :) Okay just kidding, of course I want my husband to have a job but I was so much more motivated to go workout before work and now that I have to get the kids up and off to daycare I have to workout in the evening and it is much harder for me. I also feel like I am loosing valuable time in the evening with the kids.
So since I have been working out I have wanted to buy new workout clothes, an ipod, a heart rate monitor, bike shorts (with the padding built in), new bike shoes....and the list goes on. Obviously with our new president in office and Aaron laid off it hasn't seemed responsible to go buy myself anything especially not the list I just rattled off. I did splurge on the bike shorts which has saved my ass literally :) And my charming husband bought me an ipod for Valentine's Day. So my weekend has been consumed with trying to load music onto it. I am so happy that I at least try to live in this century :) I had to call a twelve year old to get me started! Thanks Tanner.
Aaron and I are taking a Dave Ramsey course right now on Tuesday nights and we are learning a ton. I have to thank my employer for offering this to all employees and for offering such a deep discount! It's great and I highly recommend everyone look into this.

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