Monday, August 9, 2010

Stitches-June 30, 2010

I was in San Diego attending the SHRM conference. On my way home, I caught a connecting flight in Denver. I called home from the Denver airport to tell my kiddos goodnight and Hadley informed me she was in the Emergency room getting stitches! I honestly thought she was kidding me. She was so calm. Aaron finally got on the phone and told me she was telling the truth.
Hadley was holding the front screen door open talking to one of her friends that was walking by our house. When she was finished talking, she turned around to walk in the house and caught her foot/ankle on the door. We still cannot figure out what she scratched it on but she did get 7 stitches.
When the doctor came in to get started, Nicholas said, "Is it okay if I wait in the hall?" One of the nurses took him to the waiting room and watched t.v. with him. Aaron said Nick gave Hadley a great big hug when it was all over with and said, "it's okay sissy, you will be alright"

Izzy and Hadley

We went and played at Todd and Tracey's, grilled hot dogs and played on the water slide. Ben and Christa brought their new puppy Izzy. Now Miss Hadley wants a new puppy! She invited herself to go spend the night with Ms. Christa so she could play longer with Izzy.

9 quiet kids-Lake of the Ozarks

The children all ate and then Aunt K turned on the Disney Channel so the adults could eat in peace and quiet. Great Idea! Nine kids really sat and watched t.v. quietly! Amazing!

Lake of the Ozarks

Lost second tooth in the Ozarks at Aunt K.

We were hanging out at Aunt K and Uncle S house at the Lake. A little girl that was also visiting pulled out a loose tooth. Nick has been working on wiggling and wiggling his second loose tooth. Shortly after the little girl pulled her tooth out Nick and Aaron pulled his second loose tooth out.

The Inevitable

Earlier in the summer Nick had his school physical. Unfortunately he had trouble reading all of the letters on the eye chart. The eye doctor recommended waiting to order glasses until right before school starts. -One so he wouldn't leave the glasses at the pool or run over them with his bike and -secondly, we could ensure we ordered the right prescription to see the chalkboard perfectly! Nick waited very patiently all summer long. Today, we drove home from the Ozarks and went straight to pick up these. He is so handsome!

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