Friday, October 16, 2009

My son is a kindergartner who sits with a first grader!

One of the very first pieces of paper to come home off the bus said,


FB was very proud.

He said mom do you know what that says?

I said yes, poop and pens.

He said no it doesn't say Pens!

I said oh well what does it say?

It says poop but it doesn't say PENS! Mom guess what it says!

It says PENS, and then I use Jolly Phonics with him to sound out the word (fully aware that the little stinker left the "I" out of the word he was so proudly trying to write. He dropped it and went running off to play. My heart broke into a MILLION pieces! Of course I made him tell me who taught him how to write those dirty words.

Master Manipulator

So Favorite Boy has not been the best (lunch)eater since he has started school. He tells me he doesn't have enough time to eat his school lunch. His dad has been kind enough to pack him a lunch every single day since the third day of school. FB says this allows him time to go directly to the lunch table and eat instead of standing in the long lunch line. Great except, all that was eaten out of his lunch box each day were carrots and ranch dressing...We had to bribe him with a reward, so we made an "I ate my lunch chart". FB puts a sticker on it each day when he eats at least 3 items out of his lunch box. When he earns 15 stickers for his chart he gets to take a friend swimming at the indoor water park here in town. Perfect solution, accept the poor boy still comes home ravenous every single day? I don't think he's quite smart enough to throw the food away (or give it away) YET. And besides the empty wrappers are in his lunch box.

One particular day we had breakfast for supper. This boy ate 6 pancakes (normal size pancakes, not the little silver dollar ones), a whole helping of scrambled eggs, and five pieces of bacon, he probably would have ate more but I stole a piece off his plate. My stomach would have hurt so bad if I would have ate that much food. He jumped down from the table and begged to go down the street to play with his buddy.

A little while later I receive a call from my friend Joyce who proceeds to tell me that when FB arrived at her house they were just sitting down for supper. FB decides to stay and eat supper with their family but specifically tells Joyce, "let's just keep this a secret from my mom, okay?"

Joyce says, "well now FB, why would we need to keep it a secret if you eat with us?"

FB, "my mom would be very upset if she knew I ate supper again at your house"

Um, Yep!

But Joyce laughs and says he must be growing! Must be, he ate a full size soft shell taco at their house in addition to his full size meal at our house. ORNERY!

Jenny Apple Seed's Birthday

This story is a little old but one I definitely want on the books. Favorite Boy informed me that he needed to take an apple to school on Monday to celebrate Jenny Apple Seed's Birthday. I said honey I think it's Johnny Apple Seed. He said, "no mom, my teacher said Jenny Apple Seed I know she did...I wonder if Jenny will come to our classroom so we can sing Happy Birthday to her and help her eat her cake."

I said Johnny Apple Seed is no longer alive, so no you will not get cake tomorrow. The look on my little man's face was priceless...I'm pretty sure I will be getting a few 14 year old eye rollin's...he knows EVERYTHING! He said to me, "Now mom, why would we be celebrating a birthday if HE's DEAD?!?

My five year old made me feel pretty small at that moment because all of a sudden I had no idea if Johnny Appleseed was even a real person or just some made up fairy tale...and yes I'm admitting this on the Internet for the whole world to know. I still haven't bothered to google the answer.

...because we want to keep in touch