Friday, October 16, 2009

Jenny Apple Seed's Birthday

This story is a little old but one I definitely want on the books. Favorite Boy informed me that he needed to take an apple to school on Monday to celebrate Jenny Apple Seed's Birthday. I said honey I think it's Johnny Apple Seed. He said, "no mom, my teacher said Jenny Apple Seed I know she did...I wonder if Jenny will come to our classroom so we can sing Happy Birthday to her and help her eat her cake."

I said Johnny Apple Seed is no longer alive, so no you will not get cake tomorrow. The look on my little man's face was priceless...I'm pretty sure I will be getting a few 14 year old eye rollin's...he knows EVERYTHING! He said to me, "Now mom, why would we be celebrating a birthday if HE's DEAD?!?

My five year old made me feel pretty small at that moment because all of a sudden I had no idea if Johnny Appleseed was even a real person or just some made up fairy tale...and yes I'm admitting this on the Internet for the whole world to know. I still haven't bothered to google the answer.

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picture.girl said...

this made me spit out my milk.... you are hysterical. and I don't know that answer either but would never have just thrown that out there.... you rock

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