Thursday, August 27, 2009

Favorite Girl's First Day of 3-Year Old Preschool

Today (Thursday August 27, 2009) was a big milestone for my Favorite Girl. She went to preschool for one hour to meet her teacher's, find her cubbie, and begin to make new friends. She gets to go all by herself on Tuesday. Apparently she knew the drill since we prepared brother for Kindergarten this week. She hopped out of the car, started running for the door and said by mom. I know how to go you don't have to walk me! This little girl's independence is quite admirable. She definitely will go far in life with her can do attitude. I am so proud of her. (I hope I still feel that way when she's 14 and laying claim to her independence, we shall see).

Off she marched straight to the door. She didn't want a hug or kiss. Little did she know I was staying for the hour ;)

Here she is with her best buddy Adam. Adam's daddy will take them to school everyday. Adam and FG loved putting sand in each other's hair all summer long while their mommies and daddies played sand volleyball. They were such a MESS every Tuesday night. If you notice the picture above FG is playing at the sand table. I pray they mind their manners while at school :) No Sand Fights!

I can't believe our little princess is old enough to be going to school. She is doing GREAT considering she just had her tonsils out on Monday. Her voice seems to have changed a little bit but she's still adorable as can be. She needed a family picture to take to school with her so we ran downtown and snapped a few last night. There wasn't a single pic on my digital camera where we are all looking at the camera. Thank you so much for running down there with us Brandi!!

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picture.girl said...

This one looks awesome to me... You guys are gorgeous. What a great family!....I sent you a couple from my camera. I only had one where you were all looking. hehe....if we would have had time we could of done 5 more minutes.... Congrats Ms. FG, I hope you love school. I bet all the girls are going to love your new earrings!

...because we want to keep in touch