Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wednesday Night Open House

FB had gymnastics so daddy picked him up at the Y and rushed him home and fed him a lunchable. I picked up sissy and we rushed home to pick up the boys and we were off to school. The parking lot was packed so we had to park across the street and walk. FB was so excited but I could tell there was a little bit of apprehension there too. As we turned down the hallway heading towards the kindergarten classroom we met our good friend D. He was our neighbor that lived across the street but unfortunately he moved right before summer started. We miss him terribly but seeing him in the hallway really put FB at ease.

The second that we walked into the classroom Ms. H met FB at the door. She bent down on her knees and said, "HI! What's your name?!" FB shyed away for a second and at that moment a huge lump swelled in the back of my throat and my eyes instantly filled with tears. I couldn't say anything to encourage him to answer her question or he would hear the tears in my voice. I just held onto his shoulder and thankfully he answered her within a few seconds. She asked him if he could find his cubbie and hang up his bag and told him that he could unload his Kleenex and napkins on the table and she would put them away for him. Thankfully that bought me a minute to pull it together.

Next he said Mom let's go find my desk. He did a fabulous job finding his table. He sits with three other people at a rectangular table. In the middle of the table Ms. H had a red laminated circle taped down. She asked him if he knew what shape it was and what color it was, and of course he answered correctly. She said yeah, you are going to be at the Red Circle table. As I looked around I noticed a Purple Star table, Green Rectangle, Blue Diamond etc...It's kind of funny because during FB's first year of preschool he was a Blue Diamond and during his second year he was a Purple Star so I guess Kindergarten will sort of continue the "Lucky Charms" theme. We played with a few toys, looked at all of the wonderful books, checked out the restroom and then FB started to beg to go to the gym so off we went.

First we stopped by the book fair in the "Media Center" aka Library. FB and FG each picked out two new books and then we went to find the gym. The gym teacher was impressed that FB was wearing tennis shoes and not flip flops and commented that he was wearing the perfect shoes for her class. Our final stop was the playground and then we were off to home.

Today has been a very rough day for mom. I knew that half of FB's class started school today (FB starts tomorrow, Friday) so I sat and thought about two of his classmates that I knew started today and I cried all day long. I emailed the two moms and told them I was thinking of them which only made matters worse because then they wrote back about how "it" went. B's daddy bent down to give him a hug and he said, "B are you crying?" B answered, "no daddy I'm not crying, the tears just won't stop flowing but I'm not crying". B's dad gave him a pat and away Mom and Dad went. Dad did not tell mom about the incident until this afternoon when her baby made it home safe and sound from his first day of Kindergarten.

I know I have to be strong. I know this is a good thing but why do I feel like I just tucked my precious baby boy into bed for the last time and nothing will ever be the same again?????????? Why does it sting so much?

It killed me so badly when I put my kids in a public daycare center and after one week of attendance a teacher told me, "oh your kids have already changed, it's so weird to see how quickly they transition and pick up on the ornery behaviors of other kids, they were so sweet and innocent but they toughened up quick". OUCH! Who tells a mom that?!?

I took tomorrow off of work. I think some of the people I work with think I'm crazy. But the tears wouldn't stop flowing all day today so I'm pretty sure I would be quite unproductive if I tried to work tomorrow. FG and I will hang out, go get her haircut and wait very patiently until we can go rescue brother. I know he's going to love it, I know he's so eager to learn, he wants to be a big school boy, he wants to learn how to read, he wants to run laps in the gym, he can't wait to carry a lunch tray and most of all he can't wait to meet new friends...he's ready (wait I had to go blow my nose) I know he's going to do GREAT! but why don't they allow me to go with him? Do you think anyone would notice if I hide in the bushes all day? I promise I will be quiet.

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