Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Favorite Boy Preschool Papers

I know many of you will read this on August 1. I promise not to dwell on this for the next 28 days but I just thought I would share how bittersweet this day has been for me. We received Favorite Boy's preschool orientation papers in the mail today. His first day of preschool is Tuesday August 28! We are very excited. Although I did pull out Favorite Boy's first photo album and of course I am sitting here typing away through very blurry tear filled eyes. Not to seem too cliche but it certainly feels like "just yesterday" when I brought this itsy bitsy teeny tiny little baby home. I remember the nurse walking us out to our car and checking the carseat to ensure it was properly installed. Once she gave us the okay Daddy and I just looked at each other dumbfounded like what do we do now? Are they really going to let us take this baby home with us?! We instantly decided I would sit in the back seat with him. Daddy started up the car and the Dixie Chicks started playing on the radio...well at least I thought it was the radio so the water works started flowing. (For the duration of my pregnancy I had been working in Waterloo and we lived in Cedar Rapids. I would listen to three different Dixie Chics cds on my drive back and forth everyday. I would sing at the top of my lungs and talk to Favorite Boy (in utero) to keep myself awake. Of course I thought it was quite a coincidence that Dixie Chicks was playing on the radio for our ride home). Daddy looked at me and kind of smiled and then told me it was the cd. During our ride home I remember us talking about how small he was. We talked about the mistakes we would probably make as parents. Daddy asked if I could imagine putting our little baby on a bus in five years saying "bye love you please come back safe, remember to get off here...at our house...we'll be waiting for you...right here... at 3:30" I think it goes without saying that the waterworks continued to flow. Although five years have not yet passed us by it certainly seems amazing that three already have. All we have to provide for daycare are 2 bottles of antibacterial hand soap and 100 drinking cups (seems like a weird combination). I think it's best that we don't have to go full fledge-school supply shopping quite yet. I already bought him a Cars backpack and bawled from the back of the Target store all the way to the checkout register.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Forgot where they were

It is not so much that I lost my children but just forgot where they were. It was a hectic week last week and we are praying that this one is a little less eventful. This is what happened...We originally knew that daycare would be closed on Tuesday. That was easy enough. We lined up two high school girls to come and take care of the kids on that day. I feel much more comfortable with two girls since the kids can be a handful. We also play volleyball on Tuesday night. So I lined up a babysitter for that. I knew I had to work late on Wednesday night so Aunt A planned to come to my office, trade me vehicles, go pick the kids up from daycare and Daddy would meet her at our house at 6pm. Still easy enough. Daycare called Monday morning and said she would be closed because her daughter had ran a fever all through the night. I quickly called one of the two high school girls to see if she would be available on Monday as well as Tuesday. She was not interested in doing it two days in a row so I called Aunt A. She was available and came right over. That night when I got home she explained to me, while the phone was ringing and both kids were at my ankles begging to be held, that Wednesday night she was planning to go eat dinner with her grandma but that she would just take the kids with her. I told her she didn't have to do that. I would just have Daddy come home from work early. She said it would be fine her grandma would enjoy seeing the kids, so it was done. Aunt A would pick up the kids from daycare, take them to her grandmas and daddy would pick them up there at 6:00. I answered the phone, picked up Favorite Girl, wrote Aunt A a check and waved goodbye.

Tuesday-Daddy got rained out at work and was sent home by 8am so I called the high school girls and cancelled on them. I waited until Daddy got back home from work and then I went to work a few minutes late. One high school girl still babysat Tuesday night while we played volleyball...of which we lost 2 and won 1...and this has never happened before so we were bummed!

And then Wednesday came. I called daddy at 6:30 to make sure he made it home, paid Aunt A, and started some dinner. He said the house was empty, no kids and no Aunt A. I figured I must have locked the door so Aunt A took them over to her house. Daddy called over there but there was no answer. He called me back and said we need to find them and you need to get home from work because I have to be at a Union meeting at 8pm. Ugh! I asked him to come to the hospital and pick up Aunt A's truck and take it over to her house. Then he could drive my car home and I would meet him there at 7:45. He came to trade me vehicles and headed to Aunt A's. He called me from her house and said nobody was there. Oh yes, I forgot this part of the story, my cell phone died so I did not have Aunt A's cell phone number, and of course my husband didn't have it in his phone so we couldn't even call her to find out where she was.

Panic was starting to set in. I had been locked away in a conference room all afternoon conducting first day orientation. I wouldn't have been able to hear the overhead page if the emergency room was trying to page me! Where on earth could the be?! I hung up the phone and sat there a minute. Finally it hit me...now that it was 7:00! I called Daddy back and told him they were at Aunt A's grandmas and he was supposed to pick them up at 6:00. Imagine how happy he was with me. All I really remember from the conversation is "Woman, how on earth do you forget where your kids are?!" click!

I don't really know how on earth I could forget such a thing?! I know I have been a stress monkey lately. I know I am feeling a tad bit sleep deprived because I have this baby girl who has had countless ear infections thus we are up walking the halls most nights and it's finally taking it's toll one me. We have already had two full nights sleep since her surgery. Despite my husband working 7 - 10 hour days and never being home I was able to sand all the woodwork for our bathroom, clean the house, including scrubbing all the floors, yippee. It's 5:30pm on Sunday and I have two more loads of laundry, the front yard to mow, dinner and baths. I am feeling all caught up so I just know this is going to be a better week! I vow to know where my children are at all times!

Oh yes, and while I was sanding the woodwork my "husband's dog" decided to chase a rabbit. She has done this before a time or two but never to her advantage until of course today! The neighbor guy across the street yelled at me to get my attention and told me Dog went after a rabbit. I wasn't too worried because the dumb dog always comes back home, but he went running after her so I felt obliged to do the same thing. The only thing holding me back was the fact that I was in my SWIMMING SUIT!!! Okay, I don't even feel comfortable wearing a suit in my own backyard, so I definitely did NOT want to go running down the street in one, but I followed him anyway. The neighbor stops dead in his tracks in front of a house around the block from ours and says, "oh no she got it" and all I can do is stop and say to myself "why me?" I was so afraid she was going to bring me her prize. What on earth was I going to do with a half dead rabbit? Thankfully, Dog came running out to the street empty-handed (our empty-mouthed I should say). The neighbor guy goes running into the backyard and yells, "she got it, it's dead!"

Thanks! I drag my butt up to the people's front door and ring the doorbell. A man comes to the front door and I tell him "um my dog just killed a rabbit in your yard, can I send my husband to get it when he gets home from work?"

He tells me, "yes, please do" ohmygod! does he think I want it for dinner or does he really just want us to pick it up out of his yard? I can't believe it. Daddy got home and I took him to their house with a Target sack and we brought home the damn prize!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Favorite Girl's Surgery

Favorite Girl had tubes put in this morning. We were scheduled to arrive in the Pediatrics department at 6:45am. (I am so thankful the hospital schedules the peds patients in the morning since they cannot have anything to eat or drink after midnight). Of course Favorite Girl has a cold right now so we have been up the past two nights fighting a very nasty cough. The poor girl was up at 2am absolutely miserable (wanting a bottle and needing cough syrup) and I couldn't give her anything. I finally broke down and gave her some Robitussin so we could get a few more hours of rest before her big day. I was afraid they would reschedule her because of the cold but the anesthesiologist told me that when kids this age need tubes they will likely continue to be sick until they get them. He said as long as her lungs sound okay they would move forward with the surgery. She sounded great so they came and took her from me at 8:20 and by 8:35 the ENT doc came in to tell me everything went great. I was back in recovery with her by 8:40! She is such a little trooper. She came out of the anesthetic without even a whimper! But boy was she ready for a bottle. She drank two bottles of sugar water before they would let her have milk. Since she kept the water down they let her eat some graham crackers and cheerios. We moved back to a room in Peds to be monitored for one hour. Of course she was a little show off. She kept wanting to walk out of her room to "talk" and wave at everyone. The nurses thought she was absolutely beautiful, they are just sure she should be in movies. I wonder if they tell everyone stuff like that or if I just have exceptionally beautiful babies :) I know what you're thinking! Perhaps I'm a tad bit partial. They are probably the smartest kids on the block too! It's probably because they have the greatest mom in the whole wide world, you know the one who is up for mother of the year, the one that LOST her children this week. And also (this week) taught her son to say, "my frickin damn shoes dad" It's been an awesome week! Anyway enough about me. I just wanted to let you know Favorite Girl made it through surgery and, as if you haven't already guess, I'm ready for a vacation!

Favorite Girl, a little groggy after surgery, ready to go home for a nap!

We stopped by the hospital pharmacy for some tylenol and ibuprofen on our way home.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

God has carseats

Okay I have to preface this conversation with a little background. Whenever Favorite Boy asks to ride with someone we tell him he can't because they don't have a carseat for him. That usually is a good enough answer and so he hops in our car and away we go.

This was a cute breakfast conversation we had today.

Favorite Boy: Where was Favorite Girl when I was a baby?
Me: She wasn't born yet.
Favorite Boy: Well where was she?
Me: She wasn't here when you were a baby. You were our only baby.
Favorite Boy: But where was she? In your belly?

(I had no idea how to explain this to a three year old)
Me:Well she was still with God and He was deciding if she was going to be a baby later.
Favorite Boy: Oh and He has a carseat so be brought her here later?
Me: Yep :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


We played volleyball tonight. Our babysitter was ill so we took the kids along. Favorite Boy thought it was great fun to cheer daddy on. As the volleyball game was coming to an end (we won by the way!!) the kids and I walked over to watch our church team play baseball. Favorite Boy of course latched right on to a family friend (he has this sixth sense for grandma types) and walked right up and asked for a bite of her grandson's hotdog!! As I was dying of embarrassment her grandson took a bite off one end while Favorite Boy took a bit off the other end.


I have been walking around my house for the past couple of days finding these little puddles. They look kind of weird, sort of gross. I guess they are just gross because I can't figure out what in the world they are. It isn't water or juice dripped from a sippy cup, it's not milk from a bottle, dog slobber??? The puddles have these little bubbles in them? I haven't asked anyone in the family if they know what it is because I'm half thinking I'm going crazy. I find them in the weirdest places. And then tonight we walk into Favorite Boy's bedroom after his bath. He stops dead in his tracks in the middle of his room to pick up his step stool and says, "I better spit on this" !!!!???!!!! And he spits the biggest pool of spittle right smack dab in the middle of the step stool. I've never seen him do this? I've never heard of him doing this? I've never witnessed him watch someone else do this, and especially not INSIDE my house! So my reaction is, (imagine this very dramatic exasperated reaction because it was) "Favorite Boy why would you spit and why did you do it in the house? We don't do that!" And his logical three-year old response is, "um, because I wanted to" I still have no explanation of where he learned this nice little habit but all I could do was run out of his room as fast as I could (to giggle) because I know for 100% certainty that my mom wished this upon me!! I remember her bopping my brother upside his head on an hourly basis all summer for about ten years because he spit every where he went. I'm pretty sure his response to our mom was the exact same as Favorite Boys was to me.

Favorite Girl Ears

Just a quick update. Favorite Girl once again has ear infection and on top of that she had pink eye in both eyes. She was an absolute mess through the night on Friday. Daddy took her straight to Peds on Saturday morning. They put her on Cefaclor because I think she is immune to Omnicef after being on it every other week for most of the summer. Daddy told Dr. Jackson this is ridiculous and we need a referral to the ENT. She didn't even argue, just said okay. So we have our consultation on Friday at 3pm to see when she can be scheduled for tubes. I think this makes her tenth ear infection. They have been happening about every other week now that she is cutting soooo many teeth. The Pediatrician assures me you do not get ear infection from cutting teeth but then argues that tubes are not the end all cure all....I just can't win.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Drunken Siblings

And here is a picture of my brother, sister and I on Jodi's big day! My brother sent me this picture via email. He titled it drunken siblings....not I, never!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Favorite Girl turns one

Favorite Girl celebrated her first birthday May 19 but since Aunt Jodi picked that as her wedding date we ended up celebrating the weekend before. We had dinner with the whole family at our house. Uncle Tony even made it from Alaska! I know this is a little out of order but I wanted to be sure to post pictures of her big day!

...because we want to keep in touch