Sunday, July 22, 2007

Forgot where they were

It is not so much that I lost my children but just forgot where they were. It was a hectic week last week and we are praying that this one is a little less eventful. This is what happened...We originally knew that daycare would be closed on Tuesday. That was easy enough. We lined up two high school girls to come and take care of the kids on that day. I feel much more comfortable with two girls since the kids can be a handful. We also play volleyball on Tuesday night. So I lined up a babysitter for that. I knew I had to work late on Wednesday night so Aunt A planned to come to my office, trade me vehicles, go pick the kids up from daycare and Daddy would meet her at our house at 6pm. Still easy enough. Daycare called Monday morning and said she would be closed because her daughter had ran a fever all through the night. I quickly called one of the two high school girls to see if she would be available on Monday as well as Tuesday. She was not interested in doing it two days in a row so I called Aunt A. She was available and came right over. That night when I got home she explained to me, while the phone was ringing and both kids were at my ankles begging to be held, that Wednesday night she was planning to go eat dinner with her grandma but that she would just take the kids with her. I told her she didn't have to do that. I would just have Daddy come home from work early. She said it would be fine her grandma would enjoy seeing the kids, so it was done. Aunt A would pick up the kids from daycare, take them to her grandmas and daddy would pick them up there at 6:00. I answered the phone, picked up Favorite Girl, wrote Aunt A a check and waved goodbye.

Tuesday-Daddy got rained out at work and was sent home by 8am so I called the high school girls and cancelled on them. I waited until Daddy got back home from work and then I went to work a few minutes late. One high school girl still babysat Tuesday night while we played volleyball...of which we lost 2 and won 1...and this has never happened before so we were bummed!

And then Wednesday came. I called daddy at 6:30 to make sure he made it home, paid Aunt A, and started some dinner. He said the house was empty, no kids and no Aunt A. I figured I must have locked the door so Aunt A took them over to her house. Daddy called over there but there was no answer. He called me back and said we need to find them and you need to get home from work because I have to be at a Union meeting at 8pm. Ugh! I asked him to come to the hospital and pick up Aunt A's truck and take it over to her house. Then he could drive my car home and I would meet him there at 7:45. He came to trade me vehicles and headed to Aunt A's. He called me from her house and said nobody was there. Oh yes, I forgot this part of the story, my cell phone died so I did not have Aunt A's cell phone number, and of course my husband didn't have it in his phone so we couldn't even call her to find out where she was.

Panic was starting to set in. I had been locked away in a conference room all afternoon conducting first day orientation. I wouldn't have been able to hear the overhead page if the emergency room was trying to page me! Where on earth could the be?! I hung up the phone and sat there a minute. Finally it hit that it was 7:00! I called Daddy back and told him they were at Aunt A's grandmas and he was supposed to pick them up at 6:00. Imagine how happy he was with me. All I really remember from the conversation is "Woman, how on earth do you forget where your kids are?!" click!

I don't really know how on earth I could forget such a thing?! I know I have been a stress monkey lately. I know I am feeling a tad bit sleep deprived because I have this baby girl who has had countless ear infections thus we are up walking the halls most nights and it's finally taking it's toll one me. We have already had two full nights sleep since her surgery. Despite my husband working 7 - 10 hour days and never being home I was able to sand all the woodwork for our bathroom, clean the house, including scrubbing all the floors, yippee. It's 5:30pm on Sunday and I have two more loads of laundry, the front yard to mow, dinner and baths. I am feeling all caught up so I just know this is going to be a better week! I vow to know where my children are at all times!

Oh yes, and while I was sanding the woodwork my "husband's dog" decided to chase a rabbit. She has done this before a time or two but never to her advantage until of course today! The neighbor guy across the street yelled at me to get my attention and told me Dog went after a rabbit. I wasn't too worried because the dumb dog always comes back home, but he went running after her so I felt obliged to do the same thing. The only thing holding me back was the fact that I was in my SWIMMING SUIT!!! Okay, I don't even feel comfortable wearing a suit in my own backyard, so I definitely did NOT want to go running down the street in one, but I followed him anyway. The neighbor stops dead in his tracks in front of a house around the block from ours and says, "oh no she got it" and all I can do is stop and say to myself "why me?" I was so afraid she was going to bring me her prize. What on earth was I going to do with a half dead rabbit? Thankfully, Dog came running out to the street empty-handed (our empty-mouthed I should say). The neighbor guy goes running into the backyard and yells, "she got it, it's dead!"

Thanks! I drag my butt up to the people's front door and ring the doorbell. A man comes to the front door and I tell him "um my dog just killed a rabbit in your yard, can I send my husband to get it when he gets home from work?"

He tells me, "yes, please do" ohmygod! does he think I want it for dinner or does he really just want us to pick it up out of his yard? I can't believe it. Daddy got home and I took him to their house with a Target sack and we brought home the damn prize!


amy s said...

Oh Kelly! You write the most hillarious things ever! I don't know how you have time to write all this but I am glad you do because I love keeping tabs on you. I can't even think about having time to do this. Kiss Hadley and Nicholas for me...okay, and Aaron too :) And YOU should go take a bubble bath!

Sunidee said...

You poor, poor woman! I'm sorry to laugh at your expense, but that was just damn funny!

Sarah Brecht said...

I am so sorry that that happened to you! Quite the snowballing event. That would so happen to me! Glad everyone is ok and hopefully you can smile about it soon. You are a super mommy!

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