Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Favorite Boy Preschool Papers

I know many of you will read this on August 1. I promise not to dwell on this for the next 28 days but I just thought I would share how bittersweet this day has been for me. We received Favorite Boy's preschool orientation papers in the mail today. His first day of preschool is Tuesday August 28! We are very excited. Although I did pull out Favorite Boy's first photo album and of course I am sitting here typing away through very blurry tear filled eyes. Not to seem too cliche but it certainly feels like "just yesterday" when I brought this itsy bitsy teeny tiny little baby home. I remember the nurse walking us out to our car and checking the carseat to ensure it was properly installed. Once she gave us the okay Daddy and I just looked at each other dumbfounded like what do we do now? Are they really going to let us take this baby home with us?! We instantly decided I would sit in the back seat with him. Daddy started up the car and the Dixie Chicks started playing on the radio...well at least I thought it was the radio so the water works started flowing. (For the duration of my pregnancy I had been working in Waterloo and we lived in Cedar Rapids. I would listen to three different Dixie Chics cds on my drive back and forth everyday. I would sing at the top of my lungs and talk to Favorite Boy (in utero) to keep myself awake. Of course I thought it was quite a coincidence that Dixie Chicks was playing on the radio for our ride home). Daddy looked at me and kind of smiled and then told me it was the cd. During our ride home I remember us talking about how small he was. We talked about the mistakes we would probably make as parents. Daddy asked if I could imagine putting our little baby on a bus in five years saying "bye love you please come back safe, remember to get off here...at our house...we'll be waiting for you...right here... at 3:30" I think it goes without saying that the waterworks continued to flow. Although five years have not yet passed us by it certainly seems amazing that three already have. All we have to provide for daycare are 2 bottles of antibacterial hand soap and 100 drinking cups (seems like a weird combination). I think it's best that we don't have to go full fledge-school supply shopping quite yet. I already bought him a Cars backpack and bawled from the back of the Target store all the way to the checkout register.


Sarah Brecht said...

That is so funny! I hadn't really thought about it yet as everything has been such a whirlwind around here. I'm just hoping S.Jessen will go without bawling! They will love preschool, but it does seem like yesterday that you got to have your baby two weeks before mine! It just goes by too fast, but it teaches us to try not to take them for granted, right?

Kelli said...

Hey Kelly,

I totally agree. I can't beleive Mia is three and growing up so fast. We just got back from vacation and she asked me for two days "when would she get to go back to school" She said she wanted to see her friend Jaden. Shouldn't she be a little older before her friends come before her mother???

...because we want to keep in touch