Friday, August 3, 2007

Lion vs Little Boy

This is a funny conversation Favorite Boy and I had the other day. The conversation reminds me how little he still really is. He is a little sponge but everything is still very literal to him.

He loves how the power button glows on the computer, he cannot help himself, he pushes it each time he walks by.

Me: Favorite Boy did you turn off the computer?
Favorite Boy: No mommy
Me: Favorite Boy are you sure you did not push the button and turn off the computer? It was on just a minute ago?
Favorite Boy: No mommy, I didn't push any buttons?
Me: Favorite Boy are you lying to mommy? It is better to tell the truth.

He looked at me a little confused.

Favorite Boy: No mommy I'm not a lyin' (I hadn't caught on yet what he was talking about)
Me: Favorite Boy when you don't tell the truth that is lying. If we lie we can't go outside and play when mommy is done with her work. Are you sure you didn't push it?
Favorite Boy: Mom, I am not a lion...I am a little boy!


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