Saturday, August 25, 2007

Preschool Open House

We have been busy so the journaling kind of was pushed to the way side. I will try to be better for Favorite Boy and Favorite Girl's sake!

Mommy and Daddy attended parent orientation for preschool on Tuesday night (without Favorite Boy). It was pretty exciting! Each of the teachers introduced themselves and told about their family. Then each parent was asked to say their child's name, something about their child and what their favorite ice cream flavor is. I of course did the talking, while choking back tears...I said that Favorite Boy absolutely does not know a stranger, he is quite fond of the grandparent types and anyone slightly older than Daddy and I are automatically "grandma" or "grandpa" which can be quite embarrassing out in public when he runs up and throws his arms around anybody's leg and yells "hi grandpa"...everyone giggled as if they could relate. I said that he will eat just about any kind of ice cream but his new favorite this week is Blue Raspberry Mr Misty from Dairy Queen (which we frequent quite often) and again everyone giggled. It was fun to hear about all of the kids personalities. I can't wait to hear about the kids.

Next we went thorough the parent handbook, schedule of events, and policy and procedure. It about broke my heart to hear that they don't get to go on many field trips since each child is required to be in a carseat and they just don't have transportation accomodations. I think my all time favorite memory from preschool was going to the pumpkin farm and apple orchard. They do get to go to the firestation and learn about the fire trucks. Favorite Boy will love that!

On Thursday Mommy and Daddy got to take Favorite Boy to preschool for one hour. We introduced him to his teacher, checked out his classroom, showed him where to hang his coat and bag and where the bathroom is located. He really enjoyed himself. Daddy took the rest of the day off work for a Favorite Boy day! They visited a toy store, came to the hospital to eat lunch with mommy, took a nap together and then went to a water park and swam the rest of the afternoon. Favorite Boy was on cloud nine all day. He strutted around like he was King! It was the cutest thing. We can't wait for Tuesday when he goes to preschool all morning by himself.

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Jenni said...

Wow! Preschool open house. How did you not cry?? I am soo not ready for Jade to start yet. I am not enrolling her for another year, I am not ready to let go yet, not that I will be next year. Way to go, I hope he does well. It cracked me up that he will run up to strangers and hug them!! How funny. My kids are much more timid and don't talk to anybody, yet they will run from me in the store!! Good luck the 1st day of school!!

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