Thursday, March 27, 2008

Power Blog

Okay so I'm going to bring you up to speed very quickly on the rest of winter so we can get on with spring already!

This was my very first Christmas in all of my 30 years where I woke up in my own home with my own family. We decided to stay home since Christmas landed in the middle of the week and go to my mom's the weekend after Christmas. It was a pretty emotional one for me but I survived! My favorite holiday memory from this season is FavBoy's Holiday concert at preschool. He practiced his songs so diligently at home and he did a fabulous job. I couldn't be more proud of him. Of course I was all choked up that my little baby was old enough to be up on stage singing and doing his little hand movements but he did GREAT!

Aaron and I normally don't exchange gifts, but this year I surprised him with a trip to Las Vegas. We celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary in July, I turned 30 in September and I thought it would be an awesome surprise. He loved it. We went with our good friends Jeff and Carrie and we had a blast! Okay well I think they had a ball watching the drunken Kelly do her "I love you dance" with anything that had legs. Oh well, the last time that got out of the bag was years ago at Suni and Cole's wedding so I think it was about time :) We missed the kids terribly but it was very nice to have a mom and dad break. By the way I highly recommend Cirque Soilel "O" it was magnificent!

Two different groups of my friends have formed "mom's night" groups. We meet monthly and so something fun. In one group we have a book/movie club so each month we alternate reading a book or going to a movie. It's a lot of fun. So far we have read Eat, Pray, Love. I was the only person in the group that loved the book and everyone else hated it. In December and February we went and saw movies and I'm such a loser I can't even remember the names of them. Oh well it's fun and I highly recommend setting a date on the calendar and doing something just for you once a month!

My other group is tons of fun too. We can do whatever we want there is only one rule. If it is your turn to plan the next month - you have to announce at the month prior what we will be doing. We have the entire month then to look forward to the next big event! In December we had a potluck dinner. While we ate we sat around and read fun conversation starters and took turns giving our answers. Then we baked the night away preparing all of our holiday goodies! Yum! In January we went to a comedian at Penguin's Comedy Club in the Quad Cities. He was hilarious and we had a great time! February we had another potluck and we played board games. The night was sort of cut short because of bad weather but we still had a fabulous time. Are you starting to see a theme here? Yes, we love to eat! Unfortunately, I had a funeral of a very dear friend of mine and I had to miss our March event. The girls had a baked potato bar and watched movies. I can't wait to find out what's in store for April!

So far in March we went up to Coralville and celebrated our good friend Amy's 30th birthday with her. We had a great time catching up with both Amy and Tony!! We miss you so much!

And we have had parties galore for Fav Boy! He celebrated his birthday this month. He had a party at daycare, a party at preschool, a party for our family here and a party for our family up north! I think we are partied out! We went bowling here and up north. All of the kids had a blast.

We prayed a lot for Uncle Tony while he was away on all of his super secret missions. We are so happy you are in the states nice and safe. We can't wait to see you in person this spring!


Okay so January 15th, my domesticated husband started the dishwasher and then went down to the family room to play with the kids. Lucky for us we went downstairs that night! We have a bar in our family room with a small hand sink. There was water overflowing out of the sink all over the carpet from the dishwasher up in the kitchen. We quickly got everything shut off but the carpet was ruined. We tried to snake the pipe but Aaron just kept getting black gunk and the pipe would not clear. Of course he blamed it all on me for putting coffee grounds down the garbage disposal....ooops...but to think, I had been putting coffee grounds down the garbage disposal for months and nothing happened? I was so ticked at myself thinking I had caused all this damage for doing something I knew was wrong to begin with.

We called roto rooter the next day and they came out and said the black gunk was not coffee grounds and it would probably be much better for us if it was. That didn't sound good. He told me he was hitting mud about 15 feet out. He said the pipe was broken underneath the house and we would need to jackhammer up the entire basement floor to fix the pipe. Ugh! Of course we went round and round with the insurance company. First they were covering everything except the $80 broken pipe then the next day they were not going to cover anything. I found their next rebuttal quite interesting, they told me that because it was an act of nature and probably a result of the home getting older they would not cover it. However, if I accidentally drove my car into my yard and caused the pipe to break they would cover all of it. Hmmm, I would think I have some sort of responsibility to be a better driver than that but since you can obviously view my car insurance claim from exactly one month prior, I guess you know better - BASTARD! I was raging mad at this point.

Lucky for me, the lawyer that works with me, overheard my predicament and asked me to call back and have a copy of the home owner's policy faxed to her...oh what a novel idea Kelly, why not read the black and white policy before you die of high blood pressure! The insurance company complied with my request asking if there was some kind of problem...oh I don't know dumb ass? What do you think?

Not knowing about my day, Aaron called the claims department that evening to see what the status of our claim was. The operator that answered said just a minute I need to put you in to a manager. Apparently they flagged our account "wife is a psycho, lunatic b#@%&!, get the big guns"

The "manager" picked up the phone and said, "let me just start off by apologizing to you Mr. A______ I think your wife was given wrong information earlier this afternoon. We will pay for everything except the broken pipe"

Amazing what those lawyer types can you Cole!

Anyway, we packed up our entire basement so everything wouldn't be covered in cement dust. We did dishes in the bathtub for a week since it was the only thing we could use that would not cause more water damage. The plumbers jackhammered up the basement and fixed the pipe. Of course it was another two weeks until the insurance company told us how much we could spend on new carpet. Everything is all put back together, the new carpet has been laid and we even received a free Dyson vacuum out of the deal (it was an add on when we purchased the carpet!) Yippee. All I can say is that I am so so very thankful for home owner's insurance. But I hate crooked people!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm alive!

Check out my friend Brandi's blog if you want to see some really cute pictures of my kids. She is also my photographer and since I'm TERRIBLE about keeping up to date you can view last year's Easter pics and Favorite Girl's first b-day pics. ADORABLE!!!

I know I have been so terrible at this! So much has happened in this loooong cold winter too. We started the winter off dreading the 15ths (if that's even a word)

December 15th we were in a car accident. I just read my friend Jenni's blog and let's just say I felt the same way she did...if I would have been able to blog about it after it happened I would have used the same profanity she used to describe her awful Monday. Mine happened on a Saturday. The whole family was loaded up in the car headed to Cedar Rapids for the Holiday concert at the Cedar Rapids Symphony. We were minding our own business driving about 55 in a blizzard! Of course my charming, loving husband was sitting in the PASSENGER seat next to me NOT driving saying things like, "you should probably slow down...I'm pretty sure it's getting slick...I see other cars swerving..." Me being the loving, obeying, calm wife that I am...listened to him (for a second) and while "white knuckling" the steering wheel responded, "will you please shut the f* up" (okay because the kids were in the car I did leave out the f* part but I really wanted to say it) "I know how to drive, if I get us in a damn accident you can say I told you so when we are sitting in the ditch, and then you can drive!" And two seconds later that's what happened. Smart wife!

We were heading northbound on 380. A car heading southbound did a complete 360 in their lane. It freaked me out and I slowed down to 55. A car went racing by me going about 75 blaring on his horn. Aaron asked me what that was all about and before I could answer a semi went blazing past me. The wind caught my tail end and I started fish tailing. I tried my hardest to correct it. The car was sliding on a piece of ice. It felt like slow motion and we were about to slam into the side of the semi. Aaron yelled to crank the wheel so we wouldn't hit the semi, I overcompensated and we flew into the ditch. The light reflector on the side of the road scraped up the entire passenger side of the car and took off the passenger side mirror. It was awful. An off duty police officer stopped to help us. He was trying to tell me how to turn the wheels to drive myself out of the ditch. I was so shaken up, I had just watched my life flash before my very eyes, I could hardly breath, Favorite Boy was an absolute wreck. I told Aaron he was going to have to do it. I opened the car door and got out, Aaron got out to walk around to the driver's side. The "off duty police officer" hopped into the drivers seat of our car. Aaron started screaming, "hey get the f* out of our car!" (Unlike me, he went ahead and dropped the f* bomb nice and loud for our children's virgin ears). I thought I was going crazy. Here was this nice guy trying to drive our car out of the ditch for us and Aaron was yelling like a maniac at him. Thankfully the nice guy was really a nice guy and not a lunatic pedophile who could have easily drove off with our children. He drove us out of the ditch and then we were on our way. We were all safe. We were able to have the trailblazer fixed good as new. Our fun filled weekend did not end there. We went to the symphony and then went to Olive Garden to eat.

I forgot about my son's anxiety-belly problems. I have never blogged about this but he pukes every time he eats tomato based things like spaghetti, pizza, ravioli, etc...and has excitement in his life. So he eats a nice big bowl of spaghetti at the Olive Garden, we go home to my Mom's house and he hears me telling someone on the phone about our accident. He went running for the bathroom, but missed and well did his business all over my Mom's white carpet in the doorway of the bathroom and remember it was spaghetti, yippee! So I'm thinking sleep cannot come fast enough. This day has got to be over with and a brand new has got to begin right?

Well the new day starts and we go all the way back home. After we get all packed and settled back in I decide to go downstairs to the family room to wrap presents. Favorite Girl decides to come with me. I was not paying very close attention to my little darling and well she stuck an entire Styrofoam packing peanut up her nose. I don't know how she did it but obviously if it can be done she will find a way and that she did. The week before she stuck two peas up her nose. Aaron and I had become pros at nose surgery with tweezers and toothpicks (which I don't recommend). The tweezers and toothpicks did not work this time and so off to the Emergency room we went. I thought for sure DHS would be coming to visit my home after this but interestingly enough the Doc had fabulous stories to tell about what he has had the pleasure of pulling out of babes noses. Finally at 9:30 pm on Sunday evening we were back home safe and sound.

I know you are dying to know what happened on January 15th. I will tell you tomorrow night.

...because we want to keep in touch