Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday March 3

Finally, we were able to make it on a boat ride to see dolphins! We were extremely disappointed that Tony had to leave and couldn't join us but we had a wonderful day! N and H were able to share the Captain's seat for awhile!

It was still pretty cold today. I think it made it to 50+degrees but with the wind out on the boat we definitely needed jackets.

Destin certainly deserves it's nickname the Emerald Cost isn't it beautiful? I don't ever want to leave! Today N told me we could go home for one day and get some "stuff" and come back to live with Uncle Tony.

The dolphins were so close to our boat.

And here they are doing a few tricks for us.

We went out on the boat at 12:30 so Miss H missed her nap today but she still did so well! I am so proud of both of them. While we were out on the water First Mate Glen pointed out the homes of Garth Brooks, John Grisham, Faith Hill & Tim McGraw. A little bit of envy set in!

We ended up at Harbor Docks for a late lunch / early supper and of course had crab cakes and sushi again! Yum. N enjoyed lemons?!?

Then we went and picked up a few cleaning supplies so we could whip uncle Tony's house back into shape. Even N found a few spots to clean. Here he is dusting each individual vent on the cold air return. He was so proud of himself. And before you go calling DHS on me he chose to do that on his own?? But yes he is my child!

After cleaning we went to the beach for another hour of play time! I really really do not want to go get on an airplane tomorrow. I hate goodbyes. I just tucked the kids in tight and said their prayers. We thanked God for yet another PERFECTLY wonderful, safe and healthy day! I went downstairs to gather a few of my things to finish packing my suitcase and did this.........

Are you freaking kidding me?! That is beautiful pink fingernail polish all over my brother's clean kitchen floor (that my mom just scrubbed). Ugh! Yes, I am cleaning up my language dramatically living through this the second time. My mom was out on the back deck and came flying inside when she heard the F bomb. It all cleaned up with a bottle of finger nail polish remover. But I think I will fail to mention this to Tony. We'll see how often he reads my blog. giggle.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday March 2nd

I was up at 6am to see Tony off on his trip to Texas. It was very sad for me. I always have to tell him goodbye and he leaves and I'm left there crying my eyes out wondering when I will see him next. So I come to his house so that this time, just this once, I will get to leave him, and it still doesn't happen that way! We found out last week that while we would be here "visiting" him he would have to leave for Texas in the middle of our trip for a training. It is awful. I am wondering why the Air Force did not consult me regarding my social calendar before shipping my brother off on his next assignment? I am ready to move wherever he is stationed and live right next door. I am sure he will tell you differently but that is what I'm ready to do! H is ready to. These are her two favorite things about uncle Tony's house. She keeps taking me outside to see the funny tree and she says, "here lizard lizard!" It is hysterical!

Today we went to Fudpucker's and the kids were able to hold an alligator if they wanted to. They each decided just to give him a few quick pats and forgo holding the alligator. They enjoyed seeing the other alligators peeking up out of the water but had no interest in holding one.
In the afternoon we went to a state park and played for awhile. They really enjoyed swinging on the swing set and stomping some more in the Gulf. We had truly hoped to make it to the Gulfarium but they are closed on Monday's and Tuesdays.

After dinner we went and had Cold Stone Creamery and enjoyed a relaxing evening at uncle Tony's house. Here's N's footprint in the sand. I can't stop taking pictures of their footprints nor their sandy feet. I love them! I don't ever want to leave!

Sunday March 1st

Unfortunately we woke up to 40 degree weather so the boat ride was off for Sunday. We went shopping instead. These are pictures of the kids in the play area in the court yard of the mall. I talked myself into the Under Armour store so that I could get back on the bandwagon again in the very near future. After a few hours of shopping and two cranky kids we went to P.F. Chang's for lunch and then headed home for a nap.

H loves her uncle Tony so much! He sat and watched Dora with her on her travel t.v. and patiently tried to learn all of the star's names! She was in heaven. I think she even let him hold her blankie!

Saturday February 28th

This was really a recovery day. I think I made my mom drive me around for an hour looking for a Starbucks just to help the pain go away. Once we got back to Tony's (and found him sleeping like this on the sofa) he informed me there was a Starbuck's two minutes from his house inside the local Target store. Oh well, we ended up at a mall so I walked away with four Godiva truffles too. I truly wonder how many calories I have consumed in three short days?

We went to a local marina to inquire about fishing or Dolphin cruises. Once we got there we decided we probably couldn't stand to get on a boat and would be better off trying again on Sunday. The kids were disappointed but only until we walked around the corner to find this jolly ol pirate. He knew how to make swords and butterflies out of balloons so the world was a happy place again, thank God! My mom and I walked around another corner straight into a margarita bar. Thankfully, mine was not any good so I threw my $10 margarita away and we went home.

Friday February 27th

Tony and I started our day off with a nice jog on the beach, followed by some "Bad Ass Kona Coffee" from one of the beach vendors, extremely enjoyable! We went back to his place and picked up the family and then we were off to Eglin Airforce Base for a tour. Once we were inside we were able to go to one of the hangers and go inside one of the C-130s that Tony works on. I found the climactic lab particularly interesting. They have this huge hanger where they can change the weather conditions to test their planes. When we drove by the sign said it was 120 degrees inside. Hmm, wonder what country they could be trying to replicate?

We also visited the Air Force Armament Museum. In addition to the much needed history lesson I figured out that I want this star as my next tattoo. I think it will cover the current M&M, a.k.a. cigarette burn quite nicely. My mom is having a heart attack right now listening to me rant about it so I'll post more once I consult Betsy :)

Next, we went to The Crab Trap for lunch. Yummy! We had Calamari which even H was fond of, GO FIGURE, the girl will not eat anything and then she gobbles down Calamari like it's her job?!? She wasn't as fond of the crab cakes. Everyone really enjoyed their meals. I had grilled tuna, Tony had shrimp po boy, Aaron had grouper, and Grandma had Mahi Mahi. The kids settled on corn dogs and more calamari.

If you are catching on that all we have done is eat you are correct!

For dinner we wanted to celebrate Tony's birthday at a sushi bar. The first one we choose was way too busy considering it was Friday night so we went to Camilles. It was amazing. I can't even begin to guess how many different rolls we tried. In addition, we ordered the kids a sausage pizza. I will use the word amazing for that too, and Grandma ordered something really yummy Thai dish. I am still completely dumbfounded as to how one restaurant could seem so authentic in three different ethnic cuisines?

We went back home and got N & H put to bed for Grandma and then we were off for the grand opening of The Swamp! This is a local bar that was re-opening for the Spring Break crowd. There was a live band here from Atlanta, Georgia and I sure wish I knew their name because I would be begging Carrie for that c.d. next! Or maybe just the picture of the lead singer I don't know. I really wish you were here with me! I tried really really hard not to embarrass my brother, but I'm pretty sure I was unsuccessful! The bars stay open until 4am here!

Happy Birthday Tony! Friday February 27th

Happy 26th Birthday Tony!

This was really why I wanted to go to Florida. I wanted to be able to celebrate another birthday with my brother. I don't think he has spent one with our family in ~8 years. My guess would be he likes it that way! Jodi and I came up with a list of 26 reasons we love our baby brother.

26. I love him because he loves me more cause I'm the favorite sister!
25. I can confide in him, and often times do
24. Tony and Jodi are only one year a part in age so they mostly torment each other and leave me alone
23. He got in his truck and drove to Iowa immediately just to be with his sister in her time of need
22. He has a great sense of style
21. He was kind enough to teach Jodi how to drive a stick with HIS truck
20. I love him because he loves me more cause I'm the favorite sister!
19. He has a really cool motorcycle
18. He is the best uncle to N & H
17. He has been practically everywhere
16. He tries really hard to be healthy
15. I love him because he loves me more cause I'm the favorite sister!
14. He loves to workout and we all need the extra boost of motivation every now and then
13. He takes life way less serious than me
12. Tony would do anything for anyone
11. Tony is an awesome listener
10. I love him because he loves me more cause I'm the favorite sister!
9. He knows when to tell me to shut up
8. Tony is honest and sincere
7. N appreciates that he and Tony look so much alike and he's not just a mini-me of his mom but his uncle too
6. N loves how Uncle Tony throws him up in the air
5. Tony is extremely kind hearted
4. Tony took me to a bar that stayed open until 4am on his birthday! After 7 hours of drinking with his friends he still doesn't hate me! (they might but he doesn't, the hottie lead singer might too, oops!) At least one of his friends still think I'm cool even if I beat them to 30, thanks James!
3. I'm loving the king size bed and bamboo sheets he gave up for me and my family while he took the couch...I'm thinking Aaron wasn't planning to buy me a new bed when we returned from vacation.
2. He let us visit him in Florida for an entire week and didn't go crazy
1. We love him for proudly serving his country

Thursday February 26

We were off to the airport by 6:30am to catch our 9:25 flight. We found our way to the airport through rush hour traffic before the gridlock hit and still had plenty of time to eat breakfast at Burger King and Cinnabon even allowing mommy to find a mocha :) The kids did so well I couldn't be more proud of them. The pictures above show them patiently awaiting boarding our plane. They were extremely excited but still they did so well. I admit that I was very nervous about them screaming the entire ride because their ears hurt or worse puking on me either because of motion sickness or excitement. Chris and Alec convinced me Benadryl was the way to go so we gave them each half a quick-melt tab and they flew like champions. Now I just need to remember that for the ride home. Favorite Girl enjoyed watching Dora and snuggling her blankie most of the ride. When we landed in Texas she had to go potty so bad but we could not get up until the plane made it all the way to the gate. I was very afraid I was going to have a wet girl to contend with but she was able to hold it for about five minutes until we safely made it to the gate.

We had to make a connecting flight in Texas. We landed in Texas at 11:25 at Gate D and had to high tail it to Gate B for take off at 12:05. It is appropriate to say I was sweating it a tad bit. We all ran to the tram to be shuttled across the airport and we made it with time to spare. Whew! At 1:45pm we landed in Pensacola and Uncle Tony was right there waiting for us.

When we got in the minivan and started driving to Uncle Tony's, N was amazed by all of the pelicans in the Gulf. The picture below is of him showing me his best pelican face after catching a fish! He's the greatest! H didn't make it to see the pelicans. The second her body hit the car seat she was out.

...because we want to keep in touch