Monday, March 2, 2009

Thursday February 26

We were off to the airport by 6:30am to catch our 9:25 flight. We found our way to the airport through rush hour traffic before the gridlock hit and still had plenty of time to eat breakfast at Burger King and Cinnabon even allowing mommy to find a mocha :) The kids did so well I couldn't be more proud of them. The pictures above show them patiently awaiting boarding our plane. They were extremely excited but still they did so well. I admit that I was very nervous about them screaming the entire ride because their ears hurt or worse puking on me either because of motion sickness or excitement. Chris and Alec convinced me Benadryl was the way to go so we gave them each half a quick-melt tab and they flew like champions. Now I just need to remember that for the ride home. Favorite Girl enjoyed watching Dora and snuggling her blankie most of the ride. When we landed in Texas she had to go potty so bad but we could not get up until the plane made it all the way to the gate. I was very afraid I was going to have a wet girl to contend with but she was able to hold it for about five minutes until we safely made it to the gate.

We had to make a connecting flight in Texas. We landed in Texas at 11:25 at Gate D and had to high tail it to Gate B for take off at 12:05. It is appropriate to say I was sweating it a tad bit. We all ran to the tram to be shuttled across the airport and we made it with time to spare. Whew! At 1:45pm we landed in Pensacola and Uncle Tony was right there waiting for us.

When we got in the minivan and started driving to Uncle Tony's, N was amazed by all of the pelicans in the Gulf. The picture below is of him showing me his best pelican face after catching a fish! He's the greatest! H didn't make it to see the pelicans. The second her body hit the car seat she was out.

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