Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday March 2nd

I was up at 6am to see Tony off on his trip to Texas. It was very sad for me. I always have to tell him goodbye and he leaves and I'm left there crying my eyes out wondering when I will see him next. So I come to his house so that this time, just this once, I will get to leave him, and it still doesn't happen that way! We found out last week that while we would be here "visiting" him he would have to leave for Texas in the middle of our trip for a training. It is awful. I am wondering why the Air Force did not consult me regarding my social calendar before shipping my brother off on his next assignment? I am ready to move wherever he is stationed and live right next door. I am sure he will tell you differently but that is what I'm ready to do! H is ready to. These are her two favorite things about uncle Tony's house. She keeps taking me outside to see the funny tree and she says, "here lizard lizard!" It is hysterical!

Today we went to Fudpucker's and the kids were able to hold an alligator if they wanted to. They each decided just to give him a few quick pats and forgo holding the alligator. They enjoyed seeing the other alligators peeking up out of the water but had no interest in holding one.
In the afternoon we went to a state park and played for awhile. They really enjoyed swinging on the swing set and stomping some more in the Gulf. We had truly hoped to make it to the Gulfarium but they are closed on Monday's and Tuesdays.

After dinner we went and had Cold Stone Creamery and enjoyed a relaxing evening at uncle Tony's house. Here's N's footprint in the sand. I can't stop taking pictures of their footprints nor their sandy feet. I love them! I don't ever want to leave!

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