Monday, March 2, 2009

Friday February 27th

Tony and I started our day off with a nice jog on the beach, followed by some "Bad Ass Kona Coffee" from one of the beach vendors, extremely enjoyable! We went back to his place and picked up the family and then we were off to Eglin Airforce Base for a tour. Once we were inside we were able to go to one of the hangers and go inside one of the C-130s that Tony works on. I found the climactic lab particularly interesting. They have this huge hanger where they can change the weather conditions to test their planes. When we drove by the sign said it was 120 degrees inside. Hmm, wonder what country they could be trying to replicate?

We also visited the Air Force Armament Museum. In addition to the much needed history lesson I figured out that I want this star as my next tattoo. I think it will cover the current M&M, a.k.a. cigarette burn quite nicely. My mom is having a heart attack right now listening to me rant about it so I'll post more once I consult Betsy :)

Next, we went to The Crab Trap for lunch. Yummy! We had Calamari which even H was fond of, GO FIGURE, the girl will not eat anything and then she gobbles down Calamari like it's her job?!? She wasn't as fond of the crab cakes. Everyone really enjoyed their meals. I had grilled tuna, Tony had shrimp po boy, Aaron had grouper, and Grandma had Mahi Mahi. The kids settled on corn dogs and more calamari.

If you are catching on that all we have done is eat you are correct!

For dinner we wanted to celebrate Tony's birthday at a sushi bar. The first one we choose was way too busy considering it was Friday night so we went to Camilles. It was amazing. I can't even begin to guess how many different rolls we tried. In addition, we ordered the kids a sausage pizza. I will use the word amazing for that too, and Grandma ordered something really yummy Thai dish. I am still completely dumbfounded as to how one restaurant could seem so authentic in three different ethnic cuisines?

We went back home and got N & H put to bed for Grandma and then we were off for the grand opening of The Swamp! This is a local bar that was re-opening for the Spring Break crowd. There was a live band here from Atlanta, Georgia and I sure wish I knew their name because I would be begging Carrie for that c.d. next! Or maybe just the picture of the lead singer I don't know. I really wish you were here with me! I tried really really hard not to embarrass my brother, but I'm pretty sure I was unsuccessful! The bars stay open until 4am here!

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