Sunday, May 30, 2010

First Lost Tooth

We sure are having a fun spring and I have lots to write about but we have an exciting story to tell tonight, oh do we ever! While helping Nicholas brush his teeth on Wednesday I hit a spot that really made him flinch and writhe with pain. Upon closer inspection I found two new molars coming in on top. The gums looked very painful...the kind of thing where you could feel a heartbeat pulsing there on that very spot. I felt so sorry for my little boy. As I moved to the bottom row and started to brush we found a loose tooth and another huge bulging spot on his gums where the new tooth was trying to peek through. Nicholas was so excited. He has wiggled that tooth non-stop this week. Tonight (Sunday May 30, 2010) we had a few friends over for supper and each of the dads took a turn trying to get a hold of the tooth. I was really shocked that Nick was willing to let them try. This morning when Grandma tried to give it a tug before she went back home Nicholas was not up for it.

Joe took a try
Tyler took a try
Dad took one final attempt and the tooth came right out. There were no tears. Ms. Jenny took a paper towel and applied pressure for 20 seconds and had Nick take a drink of water and there was no more red stuff. Ms. Jenny told Nick that anytime he lost a tooth he would have to hold a paper towel right on the spot and count to 20. Nick doesn't quite understand why...he was not aware of any of the red stuff. Thank goodness!
And just like that it's out!
Even sissy is excited!

And now the new tooth is already breaking through so I am sure it won't be long before we have another loose tooth. The new tooth is growing in quite a bit behind where the old one used to be. I am curious to find out what the dentist has to say about that on June 7th. I am not sure how much the Tooth Fairy brings good little boys but Nick is excited to find out!!
Correction, I guess he does know about the red I am typing this Nick is talking on the phone to my bestie telling her all about his big event, he just said, "Ms. Jenny said hold a paper towel on the spot and it will make the blood stop."

...because we want to keep in touch