Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday March 3

Finally, we were able to make it on a boat ride to see dolphins! We were extremely disappointed that Tony had to leave and couldn't join us but we had a wonderful day! N and H were able to share the Captain's seat for awhile!

It was still pretty cold today. I think it made it to 50+degrees but with the wind out on the boat we definitely needed jackets.

Destin certainly deserves it's nickname the Emerald Cost isn't it beautiful? I don't ever want to leave! Today N told me we could go home for one day and get some "stuff" and come back to live with Uncle Tony.

The dolphins were so close to our boat.

And here they are doing a few tricks for us.

We went out on the boat at 12:30 so Miss H missed her nap today but she still did so well! I am so proud of both of them. While we were out on the water First Mate Glen pointed out the homes of Garth Brooks, John Grisham, Faith Hill & Tim McGraw. A little bit of envy set in!

We ended up at Harbor Docks for a late lunch / early supper and of course had crab cakes and sushi again! Yum. N enjoyed lemons?!?

Then we went and picked up a few cleaning supplies so we could whip uncle Tony's house back into shape. Even N found a few spots to clean. Here he is dusting each individual vent on the cold air return. He was so proud of himself. And before you go calling DHS on me he chose to do that on his own?? But yes he is my child!

After cleaning we went to the beach for another hour of play time! I really really do not want to go get on an airplane tomorrow. I hate goodbyes. I just tucked the kids in tight and said their prayers. We thanked God for yet another PERFECTLY wonderful, safe and healthy day! I went downstairs to gather a few of my things to finish packing my suitcase and did this.........

Are you freaking kidding me?! That is beautiful pink fingernail polish all over my brother's clean kitchen floor (that my mom just scrubbed). Ugh! Yes, I am cleaning up my language dramatically living through this the second time. My mom was out on the back deck and came flying inside when she heard the F bomb. It all cleaned up with a bottle of finger nail polish remover. But I think I will fail to mention this to Tony. We'll see how often he reads my blog. giggle.

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