Monday, March 2, 2009

Saturday February 28th

This was really a recovery day. I think I made my mom drive me around for an hour looking for a Starbucks just to help the pain go away. Once we got back to Tony's (and found him sleeping like this on the sofa) he informed me there was a Starbuck's two minutes from his house inside the local Target store. Oh well, we ended up at a mall so I walked away with four Godiva truffles too. I truly wonder how many calories I have consumed in three short days?

We went to a local marina to inquire about fishing or Dolphin cruises. Once we got there we decided we probably couldn't stand to get on a boat and would be better off trying again on Sunday. The kids were disappointed but only until we walked around the corner to find this jolly ol pirate. He knew how to make swords and butterflies out of balloons so the world was a happy place again, thank God! My mom and I walked around another corner straight into a margarita bar. Thankfully, mine was not any good so I threw my $10 margarita away and we went home.

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