Friday, July 20, 2007

Favorite Girl's Surgery

Favorite Girl had tubes put in this morning. We were scheduled to arrive in the Pediatrics department at 6:45am. (I am so thankful the hospital schedules the peds patients in the morning since they cannot have anything to eat or drink after midnight). Of course Favorite Girl has a cold right now so we have been up the past two nights fighting a very nasty cough. The poor girl was up at 2am absolutely miserable (wanting a bottle and needing cough syrup) and I couldn't give her anything. I finally broke down and gave her some Robitussin so we could get a few more hours of rest before her big day. I was afraid they would reschedule her because of the cold but the anesthesiologist told me that when kids this age need tubes they will likely continue to be sick until they get them. He said as long as her lungs sound okay they would move forward with the surgery. She sounded great so they came and took her from me at 8:20 and by 8:35 the ENT doc came in to tell me everything went great. I was back in recovery with her by 8:40! She is such a little trooper. She came out of the anesthetic without even a whimper! But boy was she ready for a bottle. She drank two bottles of sugar water before they would let her have milk. Since she kept the water down they let her eat some graham crackers and cheerios. We moved back to a room in Peds to be monitored for one hour. Of course she was a little show off. She kept wanting to walk out of her room to "talk" and wave at everyone. The nurses thought she was absolutely beautiful, they are just sure she should be in movies. I wonder if they tell everyone stuff like that or if I just have exceptionally beautiful babies :) I know what you're thinking! Perhaps I'm a tad bit partial. They are probably the smartest kids on the block too! It's probably because they have the greatest mom in the whole wide world, you know the one who is up for mother of the year, the one that LOST her children this week. And also (this week) taught her son to say, "my frickin damn shoes dad" It's been an awesome week! Anyway enough about me. I just wanted to let you know Favorite Girl made it through surgery and, as if you haven't already guess, I'm ready for a vacation!

Favorite Girl, a little groggy after surgery, ready to go home for a nap!

We stopped by the hospital pharmacy for some tylenol and ibuprofen on our way home.

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