Sunday, July 15, 2007

God has carseats

Okay I have to preface this conversation with a little background. Whenever Favorite Boy asks to ride with someone we tell him he can't because they don't have a carseat for him. That usually is a good enough answer and so he hops in our car and away we go.

This was a cute breakfast conversation we had today.

Favorite Boy: Where was Favorite Girl when I was a baby?
Me: She wasn't born yet.
Favorite Boy: Well where was she?
Me: She wasn't here when you were a baby. You were our only baby.
Favorite Boy: But where was she? In your belly?

(I had no idea how to explain this to a three year old)
Me:Well she was still with God and He was deciding if she was going to be a baby later.
Favorite Boy: Oh and He has a carseat so be brought her here later?
Me: Yep :)

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Grammy Sheree and Gramps Nob said...

He is such a joy and so smart. Be sure and write this in his baby book

...because we want to keep in touch