Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Favorite Girl Ears

Just a quick update. Favorite Girl once again has ear infection and on top of that she had pink eye in both eyes. She was an absolute mess through the night on Friday. Daddy took her straight to Peds on Saturday morning. They put her on Cefaclor because I think she is immune to Omnicef after being on it every other week for most of the summer. Daddy told Dr. Jackson this is ridiculous and we need a referral to the ENT. She didn't even argue, just said okay. So we have our consultation on Friday at 3pm to see when she can be scheduled for tubes. I think this makes her tenth ear infection. They have been happening about every other week now that she is cutting soooo many teeth. The Pediatrician assures me you do not get ear infection from cutting teeth but then argues that tubes are not the end all cure all....I just can't win.


Grammy Sheree and Gramps Nob said...

Poor Hadley, I suppose she will need tubes like big brother. I so enjoy the picture of her first year. What a great idea

Sarah Brecht said...

I think you're doing the right thing. My boys had them so, so much, but not nearly 10 times! Poor little darling. She will feel a lot better soon!

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