Sunday, August 23, 2009

First Day of School! 08 . 21 . 2009

Mom made a yummy breakfast of pancakes and sausage to fill his belly so he would be full and prepared to learn.

Mommy's tears started the second we pulled out of the driveway. She tried and tried to be so strong.

This looks like a face of worry. This is getting out of the car heading to the playground. From here he can see all of the kids lined up waiting to go inside.

Thank you America for the freedom to go to school and learn!

Here all of the kids are lined up by grade waiting for the teachers to walk them inside.

Favorite Boy twists things when he is nervous. It used to be that he would twirl his mommy's hair. Since he is too big to be held (especially on the first day of school) he stood and twisted his shirt. This made mommy cry harder.

He is interested in what's going on around him.

Ms. H found Favorite Boy and gave him a name tag. In addition to his name, it also said K-H meaning Kindergarten-Ms. H in case he got lost during the day and couldn't remember his teacher's name whoever found him in the hallway would know where he belonged (more tears), it also said how he would get home at the end of the day.

This was obviously a bad shot because she looks a little mean but she is very very nice!

This was on the door to his classroom.

Here he is at his Red Circle table. Unfortunately he saw the tears in mommy's eyes and started to get butterflies in his tummy.
He started to cry so mommy left the room. Dad stayed to try to calm him down. Finally dad joined mommy in the hallway and all they could hear was FB frantically screaming at the top of lungs "DADDY, NO DADDY! DADDY DON'T LEAVE ME HERE, DADDY!" It was absolutely awful, and all the drama because mommy couldn't keep it together. As we turned to leave we ran into Mrs. K. She shared a few reassuring words with mommy. She told us she would be the the teacher's aide in FB's classroom. FB really likes Mrs. K so that put mommy's mind at ease.
At the end of the day Mrs. K called mommy to give her an update. She said FB had already stopped crying by the time she walked in the classroom. She said he chose to sit alone at his table for a few minutes to calm down before he decided to join the group. (Only half the class started on Friday the other half started on Thursday so there was a small group).
Later in the day all the children were sitting on the carpet learning about bugs. FB was holding a plastic cockroach. He informed his teacher, "I really like this kind of bug, I like to let them crawl on my arm." Ms. H. said, "you do? Where have you held one those bugs?" FB's response was, "at home, we have these kinds of bugs at home!" (I could hear him saying this in his matter-of-fact nonchalant voice, like duh everybody has these kinds of bugs at their house Ms. H! --ornery!!)
I am so very thankful that Mrs. K knows us and could set Ms. H straight. I am so happy that the Kindergarten stories started on the very first day of school! I wish I could be a fly on the wall! No pun intended.
When I picked Favorite Boy up from school we saw our friend D and his mom. We all went to Dairy Queen to celebrate the first day of school. When I asked FB about his day he said that he played outside for recess two times, ate his salad all gone, 20 bites of pizza, and that he has a special 3 digit number he has to remember to buy his lunch. That's all he could remember. He is excited to go back.
Unfortunately Favorite Girl has to have her tonsils out in the morning (Monday 8.24.09). We have to be at the hospital at 6am. Since we have to be up so early favorite boy went to spend the night with gma and gpa tonight. Gma will take FB to his second day of school in the morning.

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