Monday, August 17, 2009

Parent night at Kindergarten!

The parents were invited to a special meeting held tonight to meet Favorite Boy's Kindergarten teacher. We had Kindergarten round up before school let out last spring and we met all four of the teachers, but FB's teacher got married over the summer and resigned before this school year started. Last Monday the school hired FB's new teacher-Ms. H. Needless to say all of the parents were going in to tonight's meeting with a lot of anticipation. Ms. H was very very nice I think FB will really like her. Since Ms. H is new to the school she did not run the parent's meeting for FB's class. Instead we joined with another classroom and the "tenured" teacher ran the meeting for both classes. We went over basic rules: a folder will be sent home each day-one side will contain papers we can keep and the other side will be papers that require our attention and most likely will need to be sent back to school. The teacher strongly encouraged that we send our children in tennis shoes instead of flip flops :) We learned that FB will have "sharing" day on Thursday's. The teacher discussed Jolly Phonics (which was also the program used in FB's preschool). She shared that each one of her students were able to read by the end of the school year last year. FB will be so excited. He tries so so hard to read now. I'm amazed at how much of the Dr. Seuss books he can "read" verbatim from memory. The little stinker! So I will save the "mushy I love you post and how badly my heart is aching right now because it feels like it is being ripped out of my chest post" for the First Day of School. I don't think I have the emotional energy to live through it again right now. And besides that I'm supposed to have my happy go lucky game face on right now for FB!

But I do have to post this...I just need to remember this night...I don't consider myself a naive person but I must admit I was quite shocked that the truancy officer made an appearance this evening. He spoke about the Iowa law that requires every child to be in school from the age of 6-16. He explained the difference between an excused absence and an unexcused absence and what it means to be tardy...kind of felt like I was at work... commonsense stuff for the average Joe. I think my mind started to wonder and I sat thinking wow I really can't believe we are having this discussion in Kindergarten. And you would think that with my job nothing would amaze me, AND THEN, parents started arguing with this man?!? The truancy officer actually called out one parent by name and told him to stop rolling his eyes at him...apparently this is not his first rodeo. So it all started to become crystal clear to me why the truancy officer was needed at this meeting and WELCOME TO PUBLIC SCHOOL smacked me hard square in the face. I know it will do no good to try and shelter my children from the reality of life...but honestly I don't know that I was prepared for that reality.

Anyway enough about that rant. On to happier things, I found FB's desk and it looks as if he will sit at a table with four girls. GIGGLE! Poor boy, he can't run, he can't hide, he will have his "mom and sister" sitting right next to him meddling in his business right there at school too!

I love you more than you'll ever know little man! I can't wait for your Open House on Wednesday. I know you are going to do GREAT!

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