Friday, October 16, 2009

My son is a kindergartner who sits with a first grader!

One of the very first pieces of paper to come home off the bus said,


FB was very proud.

He said mom do you know what that says?

I said yes, poop and pens.

He said no it doesn't say Pens!

I said oh well what does it say?

It says poop but it doesn't say PENS! Mom guess what it says!

It says PENS, and then I use Jolly Phonics with him to sound out the word (fully aware that the little stinker left the "I" out of the word he was so proudly trying to write. He dropped it and went running off to play. My heart broke into a MILLION pieces! Of course I made him tell me who taught him how to write those dirty words.

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