Thursday, June 28, 2007

T-ball Ghost!

Much to our disappointment nobody in Burlington offers t-ball or soccer for three year olds. Our selection is swimming lessons or gymnastics at the local Y. We have already participated in swimming lessons and I don't quite think I can talk daddy into gymnastics. And then we found out the RecPlex offers a one week camp on the fundamentals of t-ball, soccer and flag football. We immediately signed up and have been patiently waiting for this one week camp all spring! Favorite Boy has talked about playing soccer non-stop! So let me tell you how it went...We lined up aunt A to pick him up from daycare and take him to camp. That way I could just meet them there and not miss so much work but I couldn't make it on Monday. So I sent his glove to daycare and Aunt A took him on her own. I called the second the camp was over to ask how it went. Aunt A said it was really weird he ran the bases one time but then acted scared and wouldn't participate. I thought that was sooo out of character for my little guy. I called my mom all worried and she reminded me he is only three, he is just a baby, we forget that because he acts 25 or maybe 30 but anyway, she said not to worry he probably just felt intimidated by the older kids. I knew in the back of my mind "not my Favorite Boy" but I went with it. So I picked him up from daycare and was ready to hear all about his big day. He told me he didn't like t-ball because one boy brought his ghost with him and he scared him! I about drove off the road! I said oh honey I don't think there was a ghost there. There's nothing to be afraid of. And he proceeded to tell me yes, mommy he is blue and he has a white face and black eyes! Okay so now how do I argue with that?! I just dropped it and decided to wait until Tuesday and see how it went. Aunt A picked him up from daycare and I met them at the Rec Plex. The second I arrived Favorite Boy ran up to me and whispered "see mommy there's the ghost" and sure enough, there was a "ghost" Poor little Favorite Boy! The coach is allergic to the sun. He wears an all blue light weight outfit similar to hospital scrubs covering him from head to toe, he wears gloves, a mask, and a hat with a bill that comes down over very dark glasses. There you have it a t-ball ghost! I am all about respecting diversity. And I truly give that man all the credit in the world for coaching these little 3-6 year olds in 90 degree weather and 100 percent humidity, but ohmygoodness, I think the parents needed the heads up on that one. Diffusing the situation beforehand would have helped immensely! Tuesday after I explained, "no baby he is not a ghost he just has sensitive skin and he needs to be covered up, if he took off his mask he would look just like daddy" he told me "mom I gave the ghost the soccer ball and he didn't even bite me!" Like that was the biggest, best accomplishment in his whole life. We have thoroughly enjoyed every single day of camp and Nicholas has even befriended the ghost!


Grammy Sheree and Gramps Nob said...

How Funny. I love it. You must rememeber this boy is very smart. You need to copy this to his baby book for his future wife to read. Teehee. I am passing this on to Aunt Beck as she needs a good belly laugh.

Sarah Brecht said...

That is so sweet! We tried story time this summer and it did not work out. The mommies are not allowed to go in and I couldn't even get S.Jessen in the room! Some days I think he is a boy-genious and days like these remind me that he is only 3! I'm adding your blog address to my blog so I can keep up with it, nice work!

Jenni said...

I am so happy you started a blog, I will definately check it out. Sorry to hear about the ghost, that would have scared my kids also. I agree with Sarah, just when you think they are growing up so fast, they do or say something to remind you that yes, they are still just little kids!!

ksyoung said...

This is a great idea. I Love the
Ghost story. The pictures are great too. Kids are so smart anymore. Thanks for sending me the blog. I will enjoy reading them.
Kathy and Stan

Kelli said...

Hi Kelly,

This is an exellant idea and probably a much easier way to keep in touch. This way people can come to you and you don't have to e-mail each individual person. Love the Ghost story. I can't even imagine what my little Mia would have thought of the coach or actually what she would have said to him!! Can't wait to hear more from you. Take care.


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