Wednesday, December 10, 2008

December 5th, 6th & 7th

My dad turned 50 on December 5th so the kids and I made the trek home. We had a surprise 50th Birthday Party on Saturday. Aaron stayed home and hunted all weekend. Friday night my mom, Dar, S, H, and N went to see Bolt since Madagascar was such a hit. N and S were old enough to sit and watch it. H on the other hand was not as interested. Cute movie, my mom and I laughed our butts off at the hamster.

My sister and I took my dad out to eat at Texas Roadhouse on Saturday night. We created a book consisting of pictures of us kids growing up on I think my dad teared up! I highly recommend this for any hard to buy person on your list.

After we ate we drove Dad to Bushwood Bar and Grill where his family and friends were waiting to surprise him. Based on the amount of shots of tequila ordered up for this old man I don't think many people remembered my Dad turned 50 not 21! I'm quite certain he did not feel so hot the next morning. But a good time was had by all. Thank you for coming to help us celebrate.

Not real sure what was up with the color of the cake. Perhaps Jule's thought it was my Dad's baby shower?!? I ordered a black and white cake for a male and this is what I got. Great tasting none the less but a little disappointing. I won't go into the glorious gifts my dad received but there were certain a few good ones.

The kids and I got up early on Sunday so we could get back on the road. At home we went over to our good friends house for a surprise visit from...
he had gifts for all of the good little girls and boys. And my we must know some pretty good kids!
We had a wonderful time! Thank you Ford's for hosting this great get together. It was a wonderful way to spend our afternoon.

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