Sunday, February 7, 2010

Jan 31 - Feb 6

Quick recap ~ busy week. Sunday afternoon Nicholas decorated his Valentine bag to take to school next week. I think we had every craft item we own out on the table!

I had my first Organizational Management class. The first week was cancelled due to the snow. Thank goodness, I certainly didn't want to drive 1.5 hours in the white stuff. Winter break was nice but it is nice to get back into the swing of things. I really liked the class. I love my Kindle I listen to it on my drive back and forth!

The kids were so excited for Ground Hog Day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUNI!!

Nick celebrated his 100th day of school. He had to take "100 of something" to school to make a large trail mix for his class to share. He chose raisins.

Aaron and I started a Love and Respect seminar at Jeff and Carrie's church over in LaHarpe. We really enjoyed it. I highly recommend the book!

Nick had to take his favorite book to school for sharing this week. The little stinker took Underwear Do's and Don'ts! Probably not the most appropriate choice for 5 year olds. I had no idea he had it in his bookbag until after school. It is one of his favorites since he can read it himself.

Hadley had dance practice.

Nick brought a teddy bear home in a fancy gift bag on Wednesday night. On Thursday morning he decided he would take the girl $1 and 2 Reese's p.b. hearts. I talked him out of the $1 so he borrowed his sister's beads and made her a bracelet instead. Cute. She called Thursday night and invited him to attend Family Fun Night at her church. We went and it made her night! She's adorable!

Isn't she cute?! When I picked the kids up from daycare on Friday night, Nick pulled $6 out of his pocket. I asked him where he got it and he informed me Boyd owed it to him for borrowing his crayons at school. Little Stinker!!! Of course I instantly called Boyd's father to tell him Mr. Nicholas would be returning the $6 on Monday. At Family Fun Night the girl's mom told me she talks non stop about Nick and Boyd. I have a feeling these three will be having all kinds of fun together over the 12 years!

We volunteered at the Red Cross B-ball tournament on Saturday and Sunday. The kids had a great time using a Sharpie to mark an X on the spectators hands so they could go back and forth between the two schools for the tournament. I am pretty sure each person was afraid to put their hand out for an X via sharpie from a 3 or 5 year old. Here's Hadley in action!

Saturday I went to the movie Dear John with great friends. Enjoyed margaritas afterwards, yum!

The kids enjoyed a few minutes outdoors Sunday. We all needed it! We are praying for little Audrey to come through her major surgery this week. I'm looking forward to Naomi's Kitchen next Saturday. My freezer needs replenished.

Little Miss crashed at 6:30pm. I hope she does not wake up at 4am. This is exactly how I feel right now...I think she's wearing the tank top praying for Spring.

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