Saturday, March 13, 2010

Duped by a 5 year old!

We are EXTREMELY excited for Spring. Both kids want to wear shorts and tank tops everyday...Nicholas wanted to wear a Super Mario Bros t-shirt to school on Friday. I told him it wouldn't be warm enough for only a t-shirt so he would have to wear a long sleeved shirt under the T. He didn't choose that option, instead he wore a long sleeved black Tony Hawk shirt with navy blue Nike pants...his new selection didn't match but I decided to choose my battle as 6:30 am yesterday.

Skip ahead to after school/work...

We dropped Hadley off at dance class at 5pm, and Nicholas and I went to go get an oil change. When we got to the store Nicholas took his coat off and to my surprise had a short sleeved Super Mario Bros t-shirt on!

I said Nicholas how did you get that t-shirt on? That's not what you wore to school!

He grinned the biggest grin and said I packed it in my bag and when I got to school I put it on. I didn't even zip my coat up today!

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