Tuesday, June 8, 2010

School Physicals

School is officially out tomorrow. Much later than normal but with all of the snow days this year here we are. Who would have thought that Nick would still be in school on June 8th? I took a day off work for the kid's physicals and dentist appointments as well as my routine eye appointment. Unfortunately, it seems as though Nick will now have a routine eye exam too.

The pediatrician believes Nick's vision in his right eye is 20/50 and his left 20/40. We see the ophthalmologist next Friday and will find out definitive results. Nick thought this was fabulous news! He is very excited to wear glasses. I think this excitement may wear off quickly but we'll see.

Since Nick lost his first tooth the dentist did a panoramic x-ray to make sure all of the adult teeth are in the gums where they should be and ready to come in. Unfortunately it does not look like one of the lateral adult teeth (next to his front tooth) is there or could possibly be underdeveloped. This is hereditary and I have the same problem.

It stinks to find out news like that but they are both easy fixes. I thank my lucky stars for their health each and every single day. There are certainly worse things and I am so happy that I have two beautiful healthy babes!

At age 6, Nick is 46" tall, & 46.5 lbs, with glowing reviews otherwise!

Miss Hadley's vision was 20/30 in her right eye and 20/20 in her left. We couldn't tell if she was being her normal dramatically cute self so we are going to wait a year to have her eyes checked.

Unfortunately she had to have her four year old immunizations. I never like these days. Four year shots are definitely the worst...when they are babies they cry for a second and then it's done and over with. At four they wonder if it's coming....the six year old big brother sure does not help...you try not to answer the question, you know so you aren't lying. Just keep avoiding eye contact because this big pile of guilty sadness is laying on your mama heart...ugh! and then after it happens she is showing plenty of anger and madness so of course there is and even more mommy guilt. But it's all for a good reason, right?

I think she cried and whimpered for an hour. I even tried bribing her with a roll of life savers from the pharmacy afterwards. She wanted no part of it.

At age 4, Hadley is 37-1/4" tall and 29.5 lbs, still pretty small but she is following her own petite growth curve so they are happy enough.

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