Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We got the bug!


Favorite Boy woke up Sunday morning around 2am vomiting in his bed, yuck! Every hour or so he had another episode, poor guy! This lasted until 11am. I really can't complain because we have been so fortunate this year. Other than a few sniffles and coughs we have been very healthy!

As soon as dad was up for the day he was off to the gas station for 7UP. Both kids enjoyed sipping soda for the day. Favorite Girl was happy as could be all day so we sort of wondered if FB got sick on Saturday at his first ice fishing trip with dad, grandpa, and uncle Chris because uncle Chris was very sick on Sunday as well...but we could be confusing his with brown bottle flu...you can never be to sure???

We couldn't be so lucky, Favorite Girl came to my room at 445 Monday morning and in her most excited voice said, "Mommy I throwed up in my bed just like broder!!!!!" I could hear the glee in her voice even at 445am. Aaron and I jumped out of bed to go clean up the mess and we asked her why she was happy to be sick. She said she was happy to be sick like her broder. She remained happy the whole day. She also was sick until 11am and then took a five hour nap and woke up feeling good. Aaron stayed home with her and when I got home from work he told me she was the happiest puker he'd ever met. She even made it to the bathroom every single time (unlike her brother who insisted on having a bowl right by his side the whole day).

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