Thursday, November 25, 2010

A fall update

Since it's Thanksgiving it seems appropriate to journal about what has happened this fall.

Nick started first grade, he has glasses. He gets spelling words each week. Most of the time he is able to get the all correct on Monday during the pretest so he gets 5 challenge words. He loves math and doesn't enjoy reading as much....he still loves to be read to so we are working on getting him to enjoy reading to us.

Hadley is in 4 year old preschool. She loves to play babies, dance and sing. And most of all she rules the roost...that's not a good thing :)

Both kids are active in sports which keeps us on our toes...they participated in Soccer, Basketball, Gymnastics and Swimming lessons.

Aaron continues to work for ProGas trying to start an electrical division for this company. I started working in the Radiology department at the University of Iowas Hospitals and Clinics. The commute is reallllly long and the kids certainly miss me and I them! It's been a hard transition on all of us but we continue to push through. I also just finished Data and Decisions and stats class that's part of the MBA program...Yucky is all I can say and I am thankful it's over with. I am enrolled in a marketing class and I hope I enjoy it much better.

Nick lost his two bottom teeth and he is working on the two top teeth now...He will likely be able to sing "all i want for Christmas is my two front teeth" by the time Christmas is here. He also just grabbed the gallon of milk out of the fridge took a big swig and then saw me walk into the kitchen he grinned and said, oh my dad says you're not supposed to see that.

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