Saturday, January 17, 2009

Careful what you wish for - Prayers needed!

Thursday night I wrote that I wish Aaron would start working out. Well Friday he was laid off from work so it looks as though he will have plenty of spare time on his hands to begin that work out regimen. Damn! This came as a shock. Everyone got it on the crew except the foreman. With this economy it appears it may be quite awhile before anyone has any work. Please pray that he goes back to work soon. I am most upset that I just purchased our tickets to FL and planned a week vacation. Oh well. We really do want to go see my brother but if I had to choose between food on the table in a few months or a nice leisurely visit with Tony I suppose food would win. Please pray for our family.

N was invited to his best friends birthday party last night. The celebrated with a pool party at a local hotel, stayed overnight in the bunk bed room with three other little buddies. This morning they ate breakfast, took another swim, and then played arcade games until their hair dried. He had a great time but he's a little sleepy right now from staying up way past bedtime so I am trying to convince him to lay down with me for a little nap. I am afraid of lying down because I got up and went to spin class and boot camp this morning. I'm thinking my legs may be really sore if I sit in one place too long. Wish me luck!


tw said...

Kelly, sorry to here this news. You all will be in our prayers.

Cole said...

Kelly, sorry to hear the news, but keep your heads up. Please let us know how the job search goes. No one is immune from layoff in this economy. We'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

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