Sunday, January 4, 2009

Finishing up December

The kids enjoy going outside for five minutes while mom or dad shovels the driveways. This is N teaching H how to make snow angels. And N sitting on the sled (probably pushing sister off).

We have gone to the "Lighted Holiday" parade the last two years. We enjoy dinner afterwards with Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt Alaina, "George", and Great Grandma and Grandpa! It's always an enjoyable evening.

Here's H sporting her favorite gift! A PUPLE princess dress from Uncle Tony! She received it in the mail right before we had to leave for N's Preschool Christmas program. I had to pry it off of her.

For New Year's Eve Aaron and I went to dinner at La Tavola, a little Italian restaurant, here in B-town and then had a few friends over to play games. New Year's Day we watched the Iowa game! What a game! I hope Ferentz does not leave. I also enjoyed text message pictures from my brother who was at the game. Overall we lounged around, played games and took naps. Later in the evening we went to visit the Stimpson's and little M, ordered pizza, and played Wii. A great start to a New Year!
We enjoyed a very happy, healthy, and safe year. We are extremely blessed with wonderful, family and friends. Not to mention our absolutely adorable children. They light up our day. I love the great snuggles, kisses, and funny things they say! They are becoming little buddies which brings tears to my eyes every time I catch them playing nicely together or snuggling. I hope this lasts a lifetime! This year I hope for more of the same. I pray for our HEALTH, I pray that H continues to eat well and grow, with those two things life couldn't be any better.
Well except I do strongly pray that we get more on track with Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover so we can live debt free! Watch out student loans, you should be afraid! It is a lot of fun to have so many friend's and family members that are Ramsey fans too. Oh yea, and just one more thing...15 lbs. lighter too!

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picture.girl said...

We had fun too, we will have to do it again soon. Thanks for sharing the first day of the new year with us. T and I are still laughing what a little mother little H is. She will make a good mommy someday!

...because we want to keep in touch