Sunday, January 4, 2009

Holiday Baking Fun

We made goodies galore. The kids and I made red velvet cake balls (YUM!), puppy chow and then we baked sugar cookies, and chocolate star cookies. Yes, our frosting is fushia, aqua, purple and neon orange. I let go of my OCD long enough to let them enjoy the holiday season too :)

This little gadget was awesome for the kids. I found a four pack of them at a Pampered Chef party. I just filled it full of frosting and let the kids squeeze it on!

We only had a few cookie misfits that made it to "cookie heaven" aka "Mom's Belly"

I think they did an outstanding job. I definitely need a better sugar cookie frosting recipe. I have tried several different recipes and nothing seems to be stiff enough so if you have any great recipes to share please send them my way!

We had our second annual "girls baking night" at our house on December 19th. A group of my good friends and I get together once a month and hang out. We started this tradition last year in December and we got together each month for fun and laughter. This year we started baking around 5:30 and finished before midnight. Aaron and the kiddos stayed all night at Grandma and Grandpa's so we could stay up late and get everything accomplished. We made cake balls, puppy chow, chocolate star cookies, Special K wreaths, chex mix, snicker doodles, and monster cookies. It seems like I am forgetting one other thing. But anyway we made enough so we all had goodies to take to our holiday festivities. We plan to do it on Saturday next year. Since we are getting "older" it is hard to stay up that late.

We made a Gingerbread house. This was our first attempt. It was a ton of fun. I think they enjoyed licking the frosting and gobbling down sugar as fast as they could more than anything. Aaron was just as bad. I caught him peeling gum drops off the house for a week :)

We love the Disney commercial around our house you know the one... "I'm too excited to sleep". Well let's just say that poor little N inherited his Mom's excitement gene. I think he asked on an hourly basis when Christmas would be here. This started the day we returned home from Thanksgiving. He got pretty tricky and started to ask it in code. "When would it be baby Jesus' birthday?", "When would we go to Grandma A's?", "When could we go play the Wii at Grandpa B's" get the idea. We would have to count on the calendar over and over again. So one night we made this. And yes my creative gene was turned off or at least over powered by my excitement gene, but hey it worked. We cut everything out of construction paper, used an old red button off something from my Target days, and there you have it our very own Advent calendar. We made one for our cousin Sophia and Grandma A as well (we had lots of old red buttons).


Cole said...

Cookie heaven? Never heard that one before. Glad you guys had a good Christmas!

picture.girl said...

Looks yummy!!!!! Great job on the house. I want to do that next year. You will have to give me details.

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