Thursday, January 15, 2009

Frigid Cold

Well today seems like a very appropriate day to show our appreciation for our upcoming family vacation!! I think it felt like -40 below yesterday, YIKES! We leave for Florida to visit my little brother in 40 days! We are so excited. N and I made a calendar similar to the advent one(Santa's beard that was posted earlier). We place a jack-o-lantern sticker in one of the squares on the calendar each night after supper. I don't know how we ended up with an abundance of Halloween stickers but since they are in great supply that's what we are using. I wanted to post a picture of it but my usb cable is missing ????? Not sure how that went missing exactly but it is MIA. Anyway, we are counting down the days until we take our first airplane ride as a family to visit uncle Tony as well as the days until N's 5th birthday! We will be in Florida the last week of February - the first week in March, we will return and then N turns 5 on the 14th. It is so hard to believe that my little baby will turn 5 and will be going off to Kindergarten this year!

Besides staying warm nothing too exciting is going on. I started a spinning class last Friday during lunch, I did it again Saturday morning and again Tuesday during lunch and my bottom is sore!! If this continues I will definitely be purchasing shorts with padding built in. :) I am trying to get Aaron to the gym...I'm hoping that all of the exercise will cause him to begin hacking up disgusting yellow and green stuff so he will quit smoking. He would KILL me if he knew I wrote that but oh well, it's still my wish.

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