Sunday, January 11, 2009

Uneventful week

We have had a pretty uneventful week other than hearing the news about baby Taylor and Sally Mae. Please keep both of these dear little girls in your heart, thoughts, and prayers.

We took the kids out to eat Friday night on a gift card we received at Christmas from uncle Chris! Yea! Always nice when fun is free! We rented a few movies (Eagle Eye, Fool's Gold, The Happening and Diego). N had a friend from preschool spend the night Saturday night. This was the first sleep over he has had and it was great. They played so well. I didn't sleep very sound, I kept waking up...listening to make sure our friend didn't wake up scared. But no need to worry. The boys went to bed about a half hour after normal bedtime and slept in a little this morning.

N has to take treats to school tomorrow. He is taking carrots with ranch, cheese cubes and crackers...nothing to creative but at least it's healthy. In addition it's his sharing day so he has to choose something that begins with the 'sound of the week' to take to school and show his classmates. I better go find his newsletter to figure out what the 'sound of the week' is.

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