Wednesday, July 22, 2009

April 2009

Favorite Boy decided to spend his birthday money to buy one of these. I think it was a little bittersweet for him. As we were loading the box in the back of the car he asked me, "Mom, if I decide I want my money instead can we take this back and they'll give it back to me?"

It made me sad but I knew we were doing the right thing by making him save to buy something he really wanted. Aaron and I took the Dave Ramsey course in March and April and we have decided we want to instill good financial values in our children. Nicholas has a chore chart and he has to do everything on his list each day.
It is a laminated picture chart. In the morning he has to get dressed, put his p.j.'s in the dirty basket, brush his teeth, and put his cup in the sink. In the evening he has to put his shoes on the rug, feed Emma, put his dishes in the sink after dinner, pick up his toys and books before bed, and brush his teeth. He receives a dollar per day M-F. He is required to put $2 in his spending envelope, $2 in his savings envelope, and $1 in his giving/church envelope.

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