Saturday, July 25, 2009

Great River Bridge Race May 16, 2009

In January I started running again. It is sort of addicting, I'm having a lot fun. I am happy to have Michele as my running partner. We help keep each motivated. We ran in the 10k Great River Bridge Race on May 16th. This was my first competitive race since high school track. Needless to say I was not trying for a particular time, I just wanted to finish the race. I was excited for this race all Spring but then the morning of the race it was very cold and extremely windy. I finished the run but the last 1/2 mile back over the bridge was pretty brutal. The wind was so bad it felt like I was running in place. I finished 30th out of 60 females with a time of 56:13 , not to great, but I'm still very glad I did it. Here I am with my first race bib. Also this Spring, Michele, Mike and I did the YMCA 5k during Steamboat Days. I thought 3 miles would not be a problem even though I had not ran in a few weeks. I was wrong. It was quite embarrassing!!! A group of 16-18 year old track and XC boys also did this run. The race started unexpectedly while I was still going through my pep talk silently in my know the one: keep your pace, just run for you, pick em up and put em down, don't concentrate on anyone else... well I took off out of the starting gate like I was going for the W. When I finished my first mile in 8 minutes I knew I would be in trouble. I had to walk a few times since I did not start off with diaphragmic breathing, oops! It was a good lesson though.
It is funny that I am posting this today. Today was the Bix 7 in Davenport. I really wanted to run in this race however I have not been running near as often as I need to so unfortunately I skipped the race. Our good friend Mike participated today and I hope he did great! We watched the race on tv this morning and the first place female finished in 37:37. Looks like I have quite a bit of training to do!! I just registered for the Quad City Half Marathon on Sunday September 27th. Michele and I are following a 10 week training program to prepare. Wish us luck! In the mean time we plan to run the following 10k's: West Point Sweet Corn Festival, August 15, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation run in Burlington, September 12, and the Harmony Bible Church run in Danville, October 3.

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