Saturday, July 25, 2009

June 2009 Jule's Bakery, yet another excuse!!

So I have a tiny sugar addiction and it's a little known fact among my friends and family that we may have to drive a few miles out of our way if we are "close" to one of my favorite bakeries or coffee's just this little problem I have. And while I'm not proud of it a lot of people play into this for me. One person in particular happens to be my MOM!! She's the greatest! If you read my earlier post you found out why she couldn't make it Favorite Girl's birthday party nor Favorite Boy's Graduation Party. In June, when she was feeling all better, she made it up to them, uh hum...ME. She came down to visit us and brought us a Jule's Bakery cake!!! Never mind that they spelled FB's name wrong it was still delicious!! YUMMY!

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