Wednesday, July 22, 2009

April 2009~EASTER

We celebrated Easter quite a few times this year.

The week before Easter we went on an Easter egg hunt at a local church with our friends. I was quite impressed. I think half the town was there and each child received a Bible and Easter Eggs galore! I thought it was organized very well. Sections of the playground were designated for each age group. So even Lil Miss found plenty of eggs!

We decorated eggs at home. FG annoyed FB because she wanted to take the eggs out of the dye too soon. But we got the job done!
We headed to Grandma and Grandpa's for the actual Easter holiday. We prayed this guy (or gal) would be able to find us.

He was a tricky bunny this year. He left a clue inside an egg on the kitchen table and we had to read it and really use our thinking caps so we could find the next egg with the next clue.

It was hard but we had a lot of fun!We must have been a little bit good because eventually we found these!

We went to Aunt Gwen's for lunch and guess who was there?!

Even the sisters were having fun!

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