Saturday, July 25, 2009

Favorite Boy Graduates May 2009

Favorite Boy attended Preschool two years in a row. When he was 3 he was a blue diamond with Ms. Diane, this year he was a purple heart with Ms. Nikki and Ms. Margie. Favorite Girl is anxiously awaiting her turn to go to school.

I will insert pics here as soon as I can get my scanner installed....I purchased a new laptop and I'm have a few technical difficulties...go figure!

Here is his Fall 2008 school picture and his May 2009 graduation picture. Words cannot even describe how handsome I think this old soul is. He amazes me every single day! I know in 12 very short years it will seem like "just yesterday" that he graduated from preschool when I will be comparing his high school graduation pictures to this one. Where does the time go?

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