Saturday, July 25, 2009

June 2009 New Bike

Most 5 year olds are just learning to ride their bikes without training wheels. NOT THIS ONE! Last year during the Flood of 2008, when Daddy was living out of town, Favorite Boy asked the neighbor guy to remove his training wheels. That dad said, no buddy, I think your daddy would want to do that. After a few more begs and insisting that he knew how to ride a bike without training wheels the neighbor took one training wheel off. FB made me so dizzy driving around in circles on the side without the training wheel that I begged that dad to take the other one off too. Away Favorite Boy went. Nobody held on to the back he just rode off into the sunset...okay not really but you get my drift. This year he insisted that he was too big for last years model so he got this one. It is a little bit too big but he does great. ORNERY!

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