Saturday, July 25, 2009

Big Girl Bed

Sissy turned 3 and although she still is not big enough to crawl out of her crib we decided it was time to graduate to a BIG GIRLBED! I wanted to buy her a pretty white bed to match her other bedroom furniture but brodder found a race car bed he HAD to have! We already purchased a nice mission bedroom set for him so sissy is experiencing a hand-me-down from her brother. She is borrowing his bed until he outgrows the race car one. I still think her room turned out cute. She insists on keeping the glider in her room. Secretly mommy and daddy still really enjoy rocking her before bed each night, she calls it, "ockin-ing my sissy". We say prayers and read a book and then she crawls up in bed. She still insists on having her "darker and darker pink blankie". She holds onto it and sucks her thumb all night long. The dentist said she must quit sucking her thumb. He wants me to put her to sleep in a long sleeve t-shirt and sew the sleeves shut so she can't get to it, I haven't had the heart to do this yet.

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