Tuesday, July 21, 2009

March 2009

We made another trip to North Liberty to visit Naomi's Kitchen. Of course all of the meals were fabulous once again! This time I went with Connie, Lisa, Christy, Carrie, & Cindee. Tasha and Shawna couldn't join us.

I had two mom-days-out in March! I went out in the beer drinking capital of SE IA, aka West Point. I thoroughly enjoyed myself with my two friends Cara and Michele. I am happy to report Michele is the only one that walked away with a disease that night :) Don't worry it was only conjunctivitis! We're pretty sure she caught it from Cara's couch...okay maybe not, but we had a fun time nonetheless! The funny thing is Michele is the only one without a child to catch this from :)

At the end of March we celebrated cousin Dillon's Birthday with a pirate party.

And what kind of party would it be without a sister self portrait. We have been famous for these since we were small little children...giggle!

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